Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fatigue Profiling - from Allan / Coggan V2

Was revisiting Hunter Allens Fatigue Profile page:

I previously blogged about it here:

And there is another writeup at PezCycling:

Tells me a couple of things...
  • my L7-Neuromuscular absolute numbers still suck but are a bit higher than last year
  • but my endurance at that level is very good, what I can do I can do for a long time 
  • which means I'm not "explosive"
  • L6-Anaerobic Capacity is similar
  • By the time we get to L5-VO2Max the numbers start to look relatively higher and still with good endurance
So if want out sprint anyone I have to go early so that the sprint drags out to 1-2 minutes minimum. So that most other Cat 4's are running out. 

Comparing my numbers to the PezCycling example:

  • Much higher L7-Neuromuscular
  • Slightly higher L6 Anaerobic Capacity
  • Lower L5-VO2Max
  • Slightly lower L4-Lactate Threshold
This guy will beat me in a one up sprint up to one minute. But as long as I can stay on his wheel for that minute I should be able to get past him at two minutes.

Alternately if I can jump from behind and get a gap he cannot close in less than about one minute I stand a good chance of staying in front of him. Typically this means going from about 600m (3 laps on the track.)