Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Velodrome collaspe - pictures.

The Velodrome roof collapsed on boxing day... heavy snow load combined with power failure. 

Here's a link to some photos of the Velodrome post deflation... 

Most likely won't be able to get back in for a month...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back to the Computrainer...

The weather has warmed up a bit... so even though there is still a lot of snow on the ground it really wouldn't be much fun to go cross country skiing on it... warm, wet, yuck.

But the roads are still like ice canyons (literally, our block is single lane with piles of snow 6-8 feet high on each side...)  and it simply wouldn't be possible to ride a bike (well maybe a mountain bike with really big knobby tires at low pressure...) 

And it's been two weeks, so I'm scheduled to get back to work... so it was Computrainer... Did a simple L2/L3 ride, two hours... 

I was going to go to the track tomorrow.. it was supposed to be open 2-6 Monday and Tuesday.. But apparantly the heavy snow load collapsed the roof on Friday night during the power outage. No idea when it will be re-inflated and open again.. Probably not until the new year. So most likely Computrainer all this week.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Westwood Plateau Nordic Area

Yesterday and today, out with the dogs up at the top of Westwood Plateau.

Fortunately somebody with a snowmobile was out put down a nice track to follow. Off the track it was over two feet deep... The dogs had a great time. Although Lily (a medium sized Weimeraner) had some trouble if she got off the track as the snow was then about level with her back. She tended to let Cervelo (our younger but bigger male Weimaraner) lead the way. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow... More Snow.... Even more Snow,

With two feet of snow and counting.... there was no option... picked up some entry level Nordic cross country ski's at MEC.

Today I put them on outside my garage and ski-toured up my street over to Port Moody's one and only Bert Flinn Nordic Park (who knew, usually we think of it as Bert Flinn Park with it's off leash Dog area and mountain bike trails)... The trails at the upper end (Strong Road) are just about right for beginner ski-touring.. It's been decades (plural,  yes...) so beginner was just about right. Spent two hours out there with one of he dogs. I think he had almost as much fun as I did.

Rumour has it that nordic ski-touring can be just as aerobic as cycling (or more...) I guess you have to get good at it first. The modern equipment is pretty amazing. Waxless ski's. Step in bindings. Light weight. And pretty in-expensive too. Just put it on and go... Then stand up and try again... Repeat ad nauseum...

Kudo's to Ryan Cousineau, I drove by him down by Rocky Point yesterday. He was kitted out in nice retro cycling style and was out trying the trails around Rocky Point... only about -2C and a foot plus of new snow.. I should be so dedicated...

With luck should be able to get a couple of days in at the track next week. It is supposed to be open for two training days between X-mas and New Years.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Update - holiday baking 5, me 0

Just over a week off the bike and the wifes holiday baking is winning.... up about 5 lbs... 

For some alternate advice for the holidays.... see here.

Friday, December 12, 2008

BVC Friday Racing - A/B again arghhh...

Another Friday nights racing spent chasing the A's...

Three races with 5 A's and 12(?) B's... Stewart Bowmer actually managed to get a 5th in the Elimination race... 

Other than that it was a shutout... Us B's might as well not have started the races... We certainly didn't affect the outcomes...

This chart shows the 5x10 points race we finished with... I averaged 47km/h... and I was lapped at least twice by the A's... I did manage to get onto them for about 20 laps when they lapped me the first time... Almost even got a 4th in one of the sprints... My best race of the night :-(

Anyway, overall it didn't affect the B's overall points... So it looks like Ben Cowburn will take 1st overall for the series. I'll take second. Anthony King third.

So now it's a couple of weeks off the bike.. I'm hoping to get up to Whistler and try out the new Peak-2-Peak Gondola. My son Ryan was up there today for the opening. He was skiing Whistler and went over to Blackcomb for a coffee and was back in 30 minutes... He says it is an incredible ride...  4.4km in length with 3km in the unsupported center span. You are 400m above the valley floor in the middle. Apparantly 2 of the 26 Gonodolas will have glass bottoms.. :-)

In April 1975 I ski-toured with a small party from the current Blackcomb lodge location to Whistler via what is called the Hortsman Traverse... took us 10 days... Now it's 11 minutes... 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

BVC Workout - L2

Easy night at the velodrome....

Just did a mostly L2 workout. A bit of L3/L4 in the middle. 

Mostly just tapering for Friday night. Then two weeks off...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

BVC Friday Racing - absolutely nothing

Big and fast A/B field (5 A's, 14 B's)..

Lot's of much too fast racing for me... "Resting" pace of 48-49 km/h... :-(

I just didn't have the legs to keep up... and to make it worse I was on my old training wheel on the back as the Zipp disc has a flat... (I figure that the disc is good for about 30 watts at those speeds... in other words, I have to put out 30 watts more on the training wheel at the same speed..)

Anyway... good training... but not much fun. On the other hand I don't think the other B's where making much headway either...  Boris Martin managed a 3rd in the 60 lap Scratch race.. Steph Roorda a 5th in the 4x10 Points and Matt DeLuco a 5th in the Elimination...

Today I spent two hours on the Computrainer (drizzle at 2-4C not my idea of suitable training weather...) mostly L2 pace.

Next Friday is the last of the Fall Friday nighters... then two weeks off the bike.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Neaves Road - L2/L3

Easy ride out to Neaves Road... Mostly L2/L3 with some sprints out of the traffic lights... ending with a climb up Westwood.

For all the prep to prevent flats I still ended up with one today... I think it was a huge hunk of glass and it acted like a guilliotine to put a hole the size of a dime in the front tire, right through the tuffy liner and cut the tube... Luckily I was only a couple of blocks from the LBS and a ten minute walk got me a new tire etc... Still wasted close to an hour overall...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

BVC Friday Racing - 3rd and nothing and nothing

Elimination to 15 Lap Scratch - 3rd, then 20 Lap Tempo and Unknown distance..

I really tried in the Elimination... stayed at the front.. worked hard. Then in the scratch race portion jumped from the blue with three laps to go.. Got a good gap, I thought sufficent. 

But Deluca and Roorda managed to get over the gap and come around me in turn four in the bell lap. And just at the point they caught me my front wheel decided to exhibit a really bad case of "speed wobble".. I have no idea what causes this, but when it happens it feels like your front wheel is about to fall off.. I suspect that it is setup from hittling a "bump" on the track (our track has lot's) that sets up a sympathetic vibration at sprinting speeds (> 55).

Anyway, worst possible time, I'm being overtaken and don't know if the front wheel is about to fall off.. Well I was pretty sure it wouldn't... but still the 2-3 seconds it took to decide that was all it took for them to get over top and around me... Good chance they would have anyway, I was slowing down.

The result though was a very hard push at the end of the race.. and for some reason, possibly low humidity, my lungs felt like they would fall out... I had used my puffer, so it didn't turn into a coughing fit... but I literally didn't get my breathing back to normal for about an hour..

And the next two races where a total write off. Simply off the back in the 20 lap tempo. Did get sort of get going in the Unknown distance... but that's always a crapshoot and only managed like 6th...  

I did two fairly hard workouts earlier this week, Tuesday morning was the structured Workeout (Points race drill) and Wednesday I did some short L4/L5 intervals.. I suspect that this was a bit too much intensity and didn't help tonights performance (i.e. lack thereof...).

Anyway, it's always a matter of balance... keep CTL up, good (long term)... but if you move ATL up too much, too close to race night... not good (short term..)

Friday, November 28, 2008

BikeRadar on Aero savings

BikeRadar has a great article up on Aero Savings.

Key points from the article:
  • Position: Going from drops to aerobars will save you ~30 watts at 40km/h
  • Bike: A time trial bike will save you ~20 watts over a road bike with clip-ons at 40km/h
  • Helmet: A time trial helmet will save you ~10 watts over a road helmet at 40km/h
I'm not sure about how rigourous the tsting protocols where, they mention changes in wheelsets and clothing between the indoor and outdoor tests. And while they give a price/watts number for wheelset changes they don't mention actual watts savings for wheelset changes elsewhere...

But still an interesting read and probably a good first approximation of savings.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Winter Coping Strategies

One of the problems with cycling in Metro Vancouver (aka Lower Mainland) in the winter is that you get flats... Usually the problem is that wet glass cuts rubber far easier than when it is dry. And we are blessed with long, cold, wet Winters here.

So in a (possibly vain) attempt to reduce or minimize this problem I have evolved the following strategy:
  • start with a good set of training wheels
  • make sure that you have a good set of reasonably flat proof tires
  • put in some cheap, heavy tubes (weight is more rubber, more rubber, harder to puncture)
  • install with Tuffy Liners (those strips of thick plastic tape that go between your tube and tire, again to prevent puntures)
  • fill the tubes with puncture sealant (note for above, when buying the tubes make sure you get ones that have removable presta valve)
So to actually get a flat, something has to get through the new puncture resistant tire, through the tuffy liner, through the thick rubber tube, and then leave a hole to big for the sealant to fix.

The only downsize is that your wheels feel like they came off a Wal-Mart Huffy... These are not wheels for riding in a race or HC.

Finally for on the road, just in case:
  • working pump
  • CO2 inflator
  • replacement tube
  • emergency flat patches
  • presta adapter to allow filling at a gas station
  • cell phone to call home
I really hate having to use the cell phone to call home.. It usually results in months of reminders about too much cycling etc etc. :-)

The other Winter safety strategy is lights, lots of lites, even more lights... I have four different blinky lights on the rear of the bike (and helmet). Plus two small blinkies and one big (2 watt) LED spot on the front... I especially like the new blinky lites that have 5 or 6 LED's and flash in a "circle" effect..  

Finally I dropped by my LBS (Capps Westwood) and asked for some of "those reflectors that come on all the new bikes wheels"...  The ones that NOBODY ever keeps on their bike... (well except for kids under 8 maybe...)  Anyway, they obliged out of a huge box of them (actually they had to look a bit to get some that work on flat racing spokes, they where quite amused by the entire project...) 

The point is that these actually provide some nice protection from the side where the blinky lights are not usually that well seen. Better safe than in fashion.

Anyway if you see someone in the Port Moody area, dressed in Red EV kit, light up like an Xmas tree, riding a bike with almost balloon tires... it's probably just me...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Anmore Tour - L3/L4

Base, base and more base.... to compliment the intensity I'm getting at the track.

Today was Anomore Tour - slow due to the cold weather. But trying to maintain L4 up the hills at least (well at least for the first hour...)

Yesterday was Westwood L3 HC... 

Friday, November 21, 2008

BVC Friday Night - Kierins zip, Scratch 1st

Kierins and a 20 Lap Scratch...

Thought a smaller gear, 51x15 might be appropriate for the Kierin... it wasn't.. spun out chasing Anselmo and Scott around the last half lap... Cadence about 139, speed just over 60. Scott about 4 bike lengths ahead, Anselmo at least that much and a bit more in front of Scott ( think I was just rounding turn four when Anselmo was crossing the finish line). Note to self, leave the 51x14 on next time...

Made up for it in the 20 lap scratch race. Normally I don't do well in a short scratch... I stayed at or near the front from the beginning. first on the rail, first aound for the neutral lap, instead of moving to back, just drop back a few riders and get a shoulder draft just above the red. When possible find a hole and drop in.

Fast paced... except for one slightly slower lap. Average speed for 15 laps about 48km/h. Anthony King then jumped with about 4.5 to go and I managed to get onto his wheel. Followed him around until the bell rang. Went over to easily get 1st.

Finished the night trying out the 52x14. Still feels sluggish. Up to a point as I move the size up I can spin lower to push out whatever watts are required for a specific speed. But too high and I can't quite get on top of it and get to an appropriate speed. Instead of spinning too high, spinning too low. It felt better tonight than the last time I tried (about a month ago). Might be interesting to try in a Friday night race. Especially if I can get a bit more strength into my legs. 

Caffein enhances recovery..

Another caffeine study reported in Velonews... to add to the many reasons to indulge in our favourite (we hope) performance enhancing drug...

They report on a study that used (large) doses of caffeine after hard and long exercise sessions in trained athletes.
Blood glucose and blood insulin levels were also higher with the caffeine and carbohydrate test dose, and glucose transport into the muscle may also have been enhanced with the caffeine. “There was a more available pool of glucose and the caffeine may have tricked the glucose into entering the cell,” said Hawley. “Essentially it put more gas or petrol back in the engine.”
As Velonews points out though, the dosage used (560mg) is a tad higher than your normal Lattee or Coke product... It remains to be seen if smaller doses work as well.

I still say this is good news to us coffee adicts who complement our exercise (and non exercise) sessions with a capuccino.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

BVC Bare Bones - Sunday - 50 Lap Scratch

50 Lap Scratch Race

The leading omnium racers sprint for podium position in the final scratch race of the Omnium.

A fairly sedate 44km/h race for the first 40 laps... With the occasional bump up ... Stayed at the back for almost the entire race. Only 11-12 riders.

With about 10 laps to go I moved towards the front and high on the blue looking for Steph Roorda and David Gerth. 

I could do no worse then 2nd overall in the Ominium. David could take 1st if he beat me by more than a couple of places and Steph could move into 2nd if she took 1st and David finished well down.

With about 6-7 to go we where all lined up, Steph, David and myself... With about 5 to go Alex Pope lead us all out getting us very quickly from 45km/h to about 54km/h... With about 2 to go Steph lead us over Alex getting our speed up to 60km/h. David and I followed her around and managed to get over her for the final sprint. 

Finishing David Gerth 1st, myself 2nd and Steph Roorda 3rd. Gerth had almost a bike length, I had at best inches over Roorda.

BVC Bare Bones - Sunday - 6x10 Points

6x10 Points Race

Took the 2nd sprint. After the third sprint had a very minor close call on the blue, rubbed shoulders. I moved up and back-pedalled. That caused my chain to pop off..

Coasted down while Jeremie instructed all the other rides to neutralize and go high up to the blue line. With some help from Bruce Denis, got stopped in the pit zone. Put the chain back on and got back in with about 1-2 laps to spare.

Took the last sprint with a nice jump over the top. NIck Smit had taken enough points to get 1st. I got 2nd overall.

First half of the face had a reasonable pace, about 46.5km/h. The group was a little slower after the mechanical and never quite got their momentum back, averaging about 44km/h.

BVC Bare Bones - Saturday - 40 Lap Tempo

40 Lap Tempo Race

Worked at the back of the group for the first 16 or so laps. Then worked to get one, almost had a second but someone (I think Nick Smit) got me at the line.

I jumped at about lap 25. Steph managed to get on my wheel. So we traded sprints for about 5 or 6 laps before we got caught.

Waited until the end, mini-jump, took the second last lap and managed to carry through and take the last as well (which had been the plan.. double points.)

Good enough to get me 1st (with I think about 16-18 points) as the rest of the points where apparently well spread out (40 laps, 2 points for 1st, 1 for 2nd for each lap, double for the last lap, so a total of 123 points available...)

Average speed was 47.9kph. My average power 294 watts, NP average a bit higher at 313. The big jump in the middle was +800 with speed a little over 56kph.

BVC Bare Bones - Friday - Elimination to 10 lap scratch

Elimination to 10 lap Scratch Race

Sixteen starters, eliminating down to eight riders.

I managed to jump to the front and maintain a good solid +45kph pace for about 10 laps.. Michael Walker jumped over me at that point to lead for a few laps.. Then Alex Pope jumped over both of us (both where escaping the scrum at the back...) I followed Alex to the end of the eliminations (2 more I think).

I then sat at the back sucking wheels and getting my heart rate down for a few laps. Then moved up to the blue (reasonably easy going with only eight people on the track.)

Steph Roorda jumped over me from way up by the rail with 3.5 laps go to... Good gap, 40m... I bridged up to her (I don't think anyone else did, there didn't seem to be anyone behind me) with about 1 lap to go... Followed her to finish... But simply could not quite get past her.  She took it with about 1-2 inches...

The final sprint was 3.5 laps. 44 seconds. Hit +60 and +800 watts. Trailing down to about 55kph and 440 watts at the finish. 

BVC Bare Bones - Friday - 40 lap Scratch

40 Lap Scratch Race

Sucked wheels at the back for about 30 laps. Moved up and over to get positioned towards the front.

Anthony King jumped over me with 3 and half to go (he had apparantly come from way back, and had already been going hard for 2 laps at that point). 

Got his wheel....

Stewart Bowner managed to bridge up to us, went over, with about 1 lap to go... Followed him to finish and took him at the line (he was getting tired from bridging over.)

A fairly fast pace too, 45.8kph until the final sprint and then 53.4kph for the last 3.5 laps...

BVC Bare Bones - Podium

Thanks to Alex Pope... managed to get a podium shot for me to post...

Final results here and the Google Docs Spreadsheet with full results is here.

BVC Bare Bones - Friday - 5x10 Points

5x10 Points Race

Sucked wheels at the back for 25 laps... someone got off the front, bridged,  got the sprint at the line.

Next, went over top with 2 to go for the 2nd last sprint. Big gap... easily got 1st for that sprint.

Sat up, hoping 2 (of 5) 1st's would be enough for 1st or 2nd overall... it was.

This is the jump over the top for the 2nd last sprint... On the home stretch with about 2.5 laps to the sprint finish. Nice numbers... You can see even see the 2m elevation drop (although there is a little latency while it registers the change.)

Initial VO2Max jump, six second burst with 2m drop, accelerate from 45 to 54kph, just under 100m. Power peaks at 843 watts.

Tuck into sprinters lane, fourteen seconds with power falling down to 690 watts, speed topping out 60kph, 220m covered. Carry through another 11 seconds, 170m to sprint line, power dropping to about 400w and speed to 53.. 

Total time about 30 seconds with average speed 55.  Assuming the rest of the group got their average speed up to 50, the time differential should have been about 4 seconds (and if I recall, that was about correct.) 

In this sprint I had to moderate my effort so that my heartrate didn't blow up totally...doesn't do any good to take a sprint, but then blow up so bad that the field laps you (down 20 points...)

It almost did, 191 for over ten seconds... But those where with at the end while coasting through the sprint finish... And I had enough time to get it down just enough to tag on ...  

It's helpful to run the numbers on these  (preferrably in practice sessions so you know them.) I can do this from 2.5 laps out (~500m)... but at my present form, if I tried from say 3.5 laps out, my average speed would drop back down to 51kph and the extra time would allow the chasing group to get their speed UP to 51kph... I.e. catch me at the line or before it.

My two weaknesses in exploiting this tactic are not being comfortable getting out of the saddle; in theory (and in practice) if my bike handling skills where better, I would be able to get up and off the saddle and push some higher watts. And second, weak anaerobic system, it would be nice to have another 4-5 seconds at max output and another 10 seconds as I average down... Either would get me another lap before getting caught. Both would get me more.

And finally, it does require some co-operation from the rest of the group... By preference I look for a late sprint, something after 30-40 laps, where the group is getting tired, and hangs back a bit going into the 3-4 lap before the sprint. Then try and move up and get into position just at the right time to go over.. Of course it doesn't always work, if someone at the front lifts the pace it may not be possible to get over or if you do they may be able to stay on your wheel.

BVC Bare Bones - Sunday summary

Three races, down to the wire. 

With the top three B Omnium riders sprinting for 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall... in the last sprint of the last race..

Sundays races:
  1. Unknown Distance - 8th
  2. 6x10 Points - 2nd
  3. 50 Lap Scratch - 2nd
Final result:
  1. Stuart Lynne 107
  2. David Gerth 106
  3. Steph Roorda 93
  4. Nick Smit 70
Full results are here.

Steph Roorda pushed us hard every day, with great tactics, and always giving a shout to let me know to drop in..

David Gerth was amazingly consistent, placing mostly in the top four (except for two races today) and with a 1st in the last race today. This was his first B group race series, he was doing the C group until last Friday...

If we had another day of racing Nick Smit probably would have caught us... he got better every day and managed to take a lap (and the win) in Saturdays 60 lap scratch race and two 1sts today... very (very!) good endurance.

I had one mechanical today, a slight shoulder bump in the 6x10 Points race, moved up with a bit to much back pressure, popped the chain... Luckily no problems getting off the track and was able to get back in (you have 10 laps to get back in without penalty for a mechanical). But even though the heart rate was down, the adrenalin was running and it took me about 10 laps to get my rythm back.

Details to follow

Saturday, November 15, 2008

BVC Bare Bones - Saturday - 5x10 Points

5x10 Points Race

Took the first, fourth and last sprints for 1st overall.

Overall average speed was down a bit, just over 45km/h.  The speed during the middle section was higher, but there where 2+ laps  after the 2nd last sprint where the group took a bit of a rest at about 39km/h. 

BVC Bare Bones - Saturday Summary

Long day... long races
  1. 3x15 Points - didn't place
  2. 40 Lap Tempo - 1st
  3. 60 Lap Scratch - 9th
  4. Elimination - 5th
  5. 10x5 Points -1st
See saw battle all day between Steph Roorda and Dave Gerth for first in the Omnium... the spread was only 5 points all day with Steph taking the lead early on, then Dave catching up in the Tempo and Scratch and Elimination... But I managed to vault back up into first with the final Points race.. Ending up with:
  • Stuart Lynne 80
  • Dave Gerth 73
  • Steph Roorda 71
Three more races tomorrow morning... it could be any of us to win overall.  It will probably go down to the last race. 

I'll post race details later... off to bed now, up at 7:00 

Friday, November 14, 2008

BVC Bare Bones 3-day - First night....

Three races, B-Group, 1st, 1st and 2nd by an inch...

Leading the Omnium by 1 point (58 to Steph Roorda's 57).

I'll post individual race overviews later (have to get up and do be back at the track in ten hours, no time to cut and paste to get the jpgs) , but overall:
  1. 5x10 Points,  took 3rd and 4th sprint
  2. 40 lap Scratch, followed Anthony King's, then over top of Steward Bowmer wheel to win...
  3. Elimination to 10 lap scratch, Steph Roorda beat me to the line...

Other than a two hour L2/L3 Computrainer workout on Tuesday, and some of the Power Meter Ramp tests, I took most of the week off ...  a bit of a mini-taper going into this weekend. Which gave me about a 15 TSB... Which certainly helped. Both of the wins and the almost win where at the far end of RPE for the sprints... 

The power numbers (and ATL, CTL, TSS etc above) are with the new and "improved" re-calibrated track Ergomo... Moved up in the end from 181 to 186. Which makes it match the CT reasonably well in the 175-350 watt range... Interesting to see how lowering FTP and re-calibrating the track Ergomo starts giving me much higher TSS points for the Intensity you see in track racing.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Method for Calibrating Ergomo Power Meter using Computrainer

This describes how to calibrate an Ergomo Power Meter using a Lab Computrainer.

It is hard to verify that the Computrainer is more or less accurate than any particular Ergomo. But using a simple ramp test we can confirm two things. First how the two devices diverge. And second get a reasonable idea on how reproducible the two report.

Finally, if you have more than one Power Meter for different bikes, then using this method, you can re-calibrate them so that they agree. And that they agree with your trainer (assuming you are using a CT for your trainer.) 

I have three different Ergomo BB's (road, TT and track) and train indoors on the CT. Prior to developing this procedure I was getting fairly divergent numbers. Large enough to make a difference to CTL/ATL/TSB numbers in WKO+. Getting them all to agree was the reason for doing this.

1. Setup

Setup is simple. You just need to get your bike with PM installed and setup on the Computrainer. 

Tire pressure should be about 110PSI. 

The roller on the CT should be cleaned.

Do the initial re-calibrate for the CT. Typically I try for about 3.00 at this point. Adjust the roller appropriately.

2. Warm up

Do a simple warmup. About 100-200 watts. Do a re-calibrate every 3-4 minutes. If the number falls below 2.5, increase the roller clamp pressure.

Once you have a stable number over 2.5, seen in two or more re-calibrations a couple of minutes apart proceed to step 3.

3. Ramp Test

Start the coaching software, using the following erg file:

DESCRIPTION = Power Meter Calibration 60w per min
FILE NAME = PowerMeterCalibration20.erg
0.0     100
8.0    580
This is a simple ramp test, starting at 100W and increasing 60W every minute. 

4. Test

To ensure that the CT didn't cool down, do another few minutes of warmup with the coaching software running, the test loaded, but not started.

Then start the test, ensure that your Power Meter is also recording.

Try to maintain a fairly constant and comfortable cadence. If possible over 80RPM. 

The first few minutes are easy... the last minute is hell... hang in as long as you can.

5. Results

Copy the CDF.txt file produced from the Coaching file into WKO+. Also import your PM data.

Inspect both files and cut out the parts that do not pertain to the test. You should end up with about 4-6 minutes of data from both the CT and your PM.

Use the Export facility to save these into a CSV file.

6. Excel

Open the two CSV files in Excel, and also create a new empty workbook. Cut and paste the Minutes and Watts columns from the CT and PM CSV files into the workbook. You can use Excel tools to compare your results.

7. Sample one - Soloist Ergomo with K-factor 184

This is from a Soloist with Ergomo BB and the factory K-Factor setting.

The two time series are plotted as an X/Y scatter plot (as lines) with trendlines added. Finally a difference column was added and plotted.  

This shows that there is a substantial difference, with the Ergomo reading much higher. The difference does not quite scale linearly. It increases slightly as can be seen in the Diff plot (which uses the right axis).

8. Sample two- Soloist Ergomo with K-factor 164

This test is for the same bike with the K-factor adjusted down from 184 to 164. 

Note that while not an exact match, it is reasonably close now.  

The Diff line is still not exactly linear and does show that the Ergomo is more variable (again Diff is show using right axis.)

9. Conclusions

As can be seen, it is reasonably easy to get the Ergomo to match the Computrainer by adjusting the K-Factor appropriately. 

While this does not guarantee accuracy, it does provide a way to ensure that multiple devices are all setup to produce similiar results.

The (presumably) best results for this procedure would be with a reasonably new Lab Computrainer. But it is possible that acceptable results could be obtained with the non Lab version or possibly a Tacx or other trainer that can control the watts in "Erg" mode (i.e. set the load level absolutely, regardless of tire speed, rider cadence etc.) and can record the results.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New FTP!

Good news bad news...

After doing a VO2Max test a few weeks back I decided that my Ergomo's where reading too high. At least WRT to the Computrainer at the Lab.. So I repeated the ramp test here on my Computrainer, using my P2c with Ergomo. And then compared the results... 

It showed that P2C Ergomo was reading perhaps 20% to high in the "interesting" range (200-350). 

So I replicated the test using the Soloist with it's Ergomo. Similiar, although possibly not quite 20%. 

So off to the track and drag home the track bike and test with it... There the numbers matched reasonably well, although possibly slightly low.

So mea culpa... I now have a good explanation of why the numbers on the TT bike where slightly higher than the road bike. And why both the those where higher than the CT or Track... 

I had assumed, since the number from the two road bikes (Soloist and P2c) where reasonably similiar, that they where fairly trust worthy.. Apparantly a bad assumption.

I'll do a separate post showing some sample results and explaining the test regime. The results are that I have reset the K-Factor's on each of the Ergomo's to adjust them down (or up) as appropriate:

  1. Track 181 -> 182
  2. Soloist 184 -> 165
  3. P2C 196 -> 164
This assumes of course that the Lab Computrainer I have is accurate. Not necessarily a great assumption. But the main excercise is not so much absolute accuracy as having the all of the devices I use provide equivalant data. I'll also point out that a) it is a Lab CT, b) it's reasonably new and lightly used (<2years)>

The above adjustments should mean an FTP in the new regime of about 280. I"ll need to do some testing to confirm that one way or another.

The other problem is that CTL/ATL/TSB for the last few months (since I've been back at the track) are off significantly. If the track bike was under reporting as compared to the FTP from testing on the road, then TSS points computed and therefore CTL/ATL/TSB are too low. Especically true on the track where we see short and intense efforts. 

Going forward we'll be ok. But it takes some work to get the past few months corrected. The simplest approach is to simply use the "new zones" feature to set a new FTP prior to each weeks track or road. Moving it up and down to match. The end result was to move current CTL from about 70 to 79.

Today was the first day out on the re-calibrated Soloist... Got rained on doing Ford Road at L2/L3. The legs where a bit tired from doing the (5) ramp tests yestered (start at 100 and ramp at 60w/minute until failure, about 5 minutes...) 

Friday, November 7, 2008

BVC Friday Racing - 1st, 3rd

Strong fields in all three catagories tonight. We had 16 starters in the B group.

First race was a 25 Lap Tempo (1 point per lap for first across the line.) Too short for me, by the time I worked up to the front the front had moved off a half lap. I tried with 4 laps to go to bridge, but it was a bridge too far... Fast pace, I finished a half lap back and had average speed of 47.7 km/h.

Second race was a 4x7 Progressive. Points race but where points are 1 for first sprint; 2, 1 for the secone, 3,2,1 for the third, 5,3,2,1 for the fourth etc.. I managed to work to the front, the front was still there... and got a fantastic position, just back and up from the front with 3-4 laps to go. The front runners had slowed down a bit and no one was interested in jumping at 3 laps. With two laps to go I had moved up over the blue and went over the top. Got a big gap(!!) jumping over with the big gear coming down from the blue. With 1 lap to go I looked back and there was no one in sight on the home stretch. So I feathered and just rode around to finish. That got me a 1st overall as well. Another fast paced race, 47.6 km/h.

Last was a 30 lap Snowball. I managed to get two laps about lap 17... sThen there was a crash so the race was halted for about five minutes. Getting started again was tough. All the young guys where fresh again and just sprinted for the last 13 laps... I did manage to get one more,  should have been two but someone nipped me at the line. Anyway, was still enough to get me a 3rd.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Westwood - HC L3

More L3 hill climbing....  just under 1400m in two and a half hours... Slow and easy, build base. 

Wet day... kept trying to rain on me... Fortunately not to cold (12C) so getting wet wasn't too bad. I did end up with the rain cape on to stay wam on the descents.

Friday, October 31, 2008

BVC Friday Racing - 2nd and 3rd

The numbers where down because of Halloween, but it was combined AB racing (but without Kirk Obee or Bruce Denis...).

Still worked hard and with the smaller field it was easy to get to the front and get a good lead out for the finish. First race was a 40 lap Scratch. Second was a 5x10 Points.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ford Road - 10x20s high power low cadence

More work on base with some low cadence strength intervals. Ten 20-25 second intervals in big ring doing low cadence high power. Then L3 back to Westwood and some climbing to round out the day.

Yesterday was HC @ L3 on Westwood... Little or no anaerobic.

Friday, October 24, 2008

BVC Friday Racing

First race was a 30 lap Scratch race. Went out on a 51x15 (about 88"). Pace was not quite as bad as last week (A's had their own race tonight) but still found I was struggling to keep up. Gear too low and race to short...

Next was an Elimination, again, too small gear and was an early volunteer at the back when I couldn't find a hole...

Final was a 4x10 Points race. Moved up to 51x14 (about 93"). Felt much more comfortable. Took 2nd in the first sprint.  And did a good effort at the end... but unfortunately I didn't realize a small group had got off the front at the second last sprint... So I was sprinting for 5th... :-) But the bigger gear definitely felt more comfortable.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ford Road - low cadence L6 x 10

Ford Road, low cadence L6 drills... Then spun home.

Yesterday was Anmore Tour, L3 with some L4.  

Friday, October 17, 2008

BVC Friday Racing - A/B again - fast....

More AB fun... 

First was an Elimination, I got stuck at the back and didn't feel like fighting for a hole and took an early trip to the infield...

Next was a 4x10 Points race... fast.. I sat at the back and let the young guys duke it out for the
 first 30 laps, at one point about 10 laps average speed about 49km/h, then moved towards the front for the final 10 laps, average speed about 48km/h, then final sprint up to 58km/h for the finish. I think I was lapped several times by Kirk Obee and a couple of other A's and I was in the main field. The last 10 laps was fun. The main field had thinned out so there was room to move around and do something.

Last was a 25 lap Point-a-lap. Started out with a couple of warm up laps at > 50km/h... Then slowed down to a more sedate 46km/h for a few laps, then back up again... Did I mention that Kirk Obee (and one or two other A's) passed me in lap 4... my average speed until then was 48km/h. From that point it was more or less impossible to tell who or what or where the actual front of the field was... I just kept sucking it up and trying to find someone to work with to try and bridge back to what appeared to be the main field... well at least it was the next biggest group on the track.. About 6-7 laps average speed 49km/h. At that point I (me!!) started to see some lapped riders but with only a few laps to go with Kirk Obee passing by for about the 4th time I found a wheel and rode home on Anthony Kings wheel for the last two laps. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Westwood/Johnson - HC L3

HillClimbs at L3 tonight...

Did Westwood and Johnson Road... both close to home. Which was important as it was cool (10C) and getting dark as I finished...  So I could head straight home.

I wasn't pushing especially hard, (280-300 watts) and had the big 12-27 cassette on... but these two 16-18 minutes climbs felt very easy at this rate. And while not my best times, certainly not that bad either. My best ever time for Johnson is just under 17 minutes. I was about 19 and change tonight...  The former (this spring) was fall over at the top hard... Tonight I was barely breathing hard at the top...

An interesting effect of the large amount of recent track work and climbing cassette... I had the impression that my legs where doing really big (and easy) circles.. (the road bike has 172.5mm cranks, the track bike is 170mm.) A bit strange how muscle memory can "feel" the difference..

Monday, October 13, 2008

More shoulder stuff

Thanksgiving day surfing...

My shoulder continues to feel great... There are still a few spots at the outside range of movement where I can still feel twinges.. But I suspect that may be due to lack of strength. It is certainly much easier to do most of the physio shoulder exercises now. Including actually being able to do some that I simply couldn't before

So the question now, is this a temporary relief, or can I hope for long term benefits.

From the reading below, it appears that the role of the cortisone is NOT for pain relief directly, but is for it's anti-inflamatory effects. The cortisone plus the dilation and rupturing of the capsule is to get the inflammation of that area to be reduced. Frozen shoulder can be thought of as a type of positive feedback loop, the more inflamed the area gets, the worse it gets and the more inflamed it gets... etc. This procedure hopes to break the feedback loop.

The studies seem to show that there is lasting effect as compared to other treatments and placebo, with few people requiring a second treatment and very very few people needing more than two treatments.

No 3: Shoulder hydrodilatation

As a clinical entity, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is relatively easy to diagnose, although treatment of this condition can be frustrating. But subtle forms of capsular restriction can either mimic or enhance other causes of shoulder pain, such as a subacromial impingement. If a patient with shoulder pain presents with nocturnal pain (in the absence of a rotator cuff tear), and their range of motion is subtly restricted in end abduction, internal rotation and horizontal flexion, and their anterior-posterior glide is diminished, then a component of capsular restriction should be considered. In cases of subacromial impingement in which this capsular restriction is present, it is very difficult to treat the impingement successfully without dealing with the capsular restriction.

Capsular restriction does not usually respond favourably to manual therapy.Often attempts to mobilise the shoulder result in a flare-up of the patient’s pain. One efficient way to treat these patients is with a hydrodilatation procedure. This is performed by a radiologist under X-ray control. A needle is inserted into the offending glenohumeral joint, and a mixture of corticosteroid, local anaesthetic and saline is injected. A large volume is required, and in ideal circumstances capsular rupture is achieved. When this happens, the communication between the shoulder joint and the subscapularis bursa is seen to open up. If this treatment is successful, it is very rewarding and satisfying for practitioner and patient alike. It also allows for expedient rehabilitation of the coexisting condition.

The above matches my current experience. Very little progress with exercises and other physiotherapies. Just changing areas where the pain was. But (almost) immediate relief after treatment, and with subsequent ability to do a much wider range of exercises... My Simple Shoulder Test (see below) score went from about 8-9 out of 12 to about 2-3.

Note 1 - Frozen Shoulder is same as Adhesive Capsulitis

Friday, October 10, 2008

BVC Friday Racing - more AB fast paced races

Tonight we had A and B groups combined again for a total of 20 riders (7 A, 13 B).

So very fast paced...

The first race was an Elimination to 10 lap scratch (20 down to 10 riders.) I didn't manage to get a good position at the front and had to duke it out at the back... Which I'm really not good at... Sprinting every 35 seconds or therabouts... Just not something I'm good at. I did managed to get towards the front once, but the pace was a hectic 47km/h and I just couldn't find a hole to drop into. And at that speed I couldn't sit up on the Blue line for long. So ended up at the back again.. I think I was 5th or 6th rider eliminated. Dave Kosic had a very good race, managing to get a good position during the elimination and staying in for the entire race. 

The second race was a 40 Lap Scratch. Again pace was high, over 45km/h. I was staying at the back to keep out of trouble, and unfortunately about lap 25 my group got gapped by the lead group. I tried to jump and bridge but didn't quite make it.. Ended up about 40m back and pushing wind at 45km/h. Managed to do that for about 8 laps...  By that time most of the gapped riders had been pulled, and as the lead group got close to me I was pulled so that they could do their last 4 lap sprint without having to go over any slower riders.

The final race race was a 6x10 Points race. Again I was comfortably hanging out at the back... The first 10 laps was very slow, about 39km/h.. but then picked up to 47-48km/h. My end group again got gapped, but this time I was able to jump and bridge up to the lead group. And then hang on while my heart rate got back down... Smaller (but much faster) group. Managed to get a good position and try for the 4th sprint (thanks to Mike Rothengaler, I think he let me have it), got 4th. Then 5th or 6th on the 5th sprint. And managed to stay with the group for the final sprint ..

Overall my best "performance" of the night, wattage wise (not tactically) was the first bridging attempt. Did 5 minutes with average speed of 48.2km/h, peak speed of 59km/h. Pavg 270 watts with peak watts at 662. Good numbers for me.

Playing the "old guy" card here... I'll note that 3 of the A riders are U19 stars, with a total age of 53..  so I beat them by one at 54 :-)

Racing on a 51x14. 

BVC Wednesday - training

A late note, Wednesday was structured training at the track. Three sets of points race drill. Five riders, goal speed 38, do 4 laps then sprint, front rider goes to back. Repeat.

Then finished with an additional 8x2 sprint practice and then half hour of cold down.

Worked various gear ranges. Started at 52x15, then did the final points drill on 51x15, then the final set on 51x16.

Frozen Shoulder - Cortisone injection

In China they make you pay for the bullet.... in BC if you need a Cortisone injection you have to buy the Cortinsone yourself :-)

After the MRI (the radiologist suggested an impingement and possibly a laberal tear) my GP got me referred to a an ortho-surg via the cast clinic at the local hospital (it is reasonably easy to get in appointments for these, but you get about 2-3 minutes of his time typically.) 

He looked at the MRI, said it was inconclusive at best... that he didn't do "elective shoulder surgery" and said he would refer me to another ortho-surg who specializes in shoulders. That took almost a month... (the GP said it could have taken HIM almost a year to get me in to this guy..)

That new ortho-surg's (who is highly recommended by my wife the physio and her physio friends and my GP) first diagnosis was a possible frozen shoulder. (I think this link is good overview.) His first suggestion was that we try a cortisone injection.

I had that done yesterday. A fairly complicated procedure done by a radiologist. They light freeze the skin over the shoulder (lydicaine I think she said). Then using the X-ray machine they place a needle into the general area of the joint capsule. Next they inject a dye that allows them to see the capsule better and replace the needle to get it into the capsule.

Next they shoot in saline solution to distend the joint. Then the cortisone. Two vials of 40mg. Along with a bunch of saline solution. The instructions from the ortho-surg where to "rupture" the capsule. Presumbaly so that the cortisone would get into a wider area. The effect felt much like a small balloon in there.. unconfortable but not painful (like eating too much turkey dinner at Thanksgiving.)

All in all, took longer than I thought it would, about 30-35 minutes. And not was painful or traumatic as you might think. Fun if you like watching the TV monitor of the X-ray to see what is happening. Kind of like an episode of House (but without blood squirting all over the place, although at one point there was a nice spray of saline..)

The effect overall seems fairly effective 24 hours in. The shoulder is still very weak in the areas where the impingement was. But certainly at this point a lot less pain. Only time will tell if this is just a temporary or permanent change. 

The plan is to continue the shoulder and physio exercises. Which with less pain may get me into better condition. Which may keep the situation under control. They will repeat once if the situation warrants. 

Longer term if a second injection doesn't do the trick either then he (ortho-surg) will look at surgery. The problem being his waiting list is about two years... But at least at this point I'm (hopefully) on the list.

Anyway I'm back to the orth-surg in January time frame. Which gives me three months to see what this does for us.

The good news all along is that for the most part this has not impacted training. I only have problems on the bike if I go out for longer than 3-4 hours.  

What has been a problem is sleeping. The shoulder pain tends to be noticable and recurrent mostly at night (when in-active). And typically will wake me up in the middle of the night. So I end up taking ibuprofen about 2-3 nights a week to get back to sleep.

[Soapbox mode on]
I still have no explanation from anyone why you have to buy and bring your own Cortisone. Not particularily expensive at $26Cdn... Given what the procedure cost overall (a half hour plus of X-Ray room in Vancouvers 2nd or 3rd largest hospital, radioligist and assistant, x-ray dye, saline, disposable needles and syringes etc) I can't believe that $26 (or probably half that if the hospital was paying for it wholesale) would be more than a few percent of the total. Go figure.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ford Road - 4x6m threshold

Legs still sore from Friday... Rested on Saturday and went on a fairly easy ride today. Four reps of six minutes at just below threshold power. Target 300 watts.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

BVC Fall Friday Race Season Opener

Last night was the season BVC Friday night racing opener,  short and fast...

There where 12 B racers and only 3 A's, so they joined us...

Started out with a 4 lap heats. Three sets of five, no neutral lap, first across the line in 4 laps wins... I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be in the top three at the end... and ended up at the end of the bunch in the first lap..  with everyone going high up to the blue line... So jumped down and sprinted out for two laps..  About 30 seconds peak speed of 54.2 km/h. Peak watts about 816, Pavg 547... Then pulled up and let the field take the last two laps... Bruce Denis (A rider) took first I think...

I was on 51x14 for the above. Which I have been finding quite comfortable for training on. But I found I was still "spinning out" up around 54/55 km/h. So I switched up to 52x14 for the rest of the evening.

Next was a 30 lap scratch race. The three A riders kept the pace up nicely.. We did the first 25 or so laps at an average speed of 45 km/h (peak 56!)... I just stayed at the back and out of trouble. With about 5 to go I started moving up the field and managed to get into a nice position for the last lap and a half. Unfortunately I just didn't have the leg speed/power to crack it up past 57 km/h. The front of the field moved away to the finish with about another two or three going over me, at about 60 km/h (John Perkins said he finished at 62, Bruce Denis 61.)

The last race was an Elimination. My only strategy in these is to get to the front or I'm toast... And with the 3 A riders controlling the front I just couldn't get up there.. They actually where not going that fast, but they kept control of the pace and made it difficult to get up there. So after about 3-4 eliminations I had no place to go and was out.

The slightly higher gearing was comfortable at these speeds. But I'll need to work on either leg speed or power so I can work a final sprint up to 60km/h...

I finished the night with a half hour of points race drill (8 laps slow, 2 laps sprint, 4 times) and then a cool down.

Today my legs feel very tired... full of lactic acid.. While the TSS points for last night was low.. only 72, there was a lot of intensity. 

As you can see in the power distribution chart, a significant amount of time spent in anaerobic capacity... 

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hope for us old guys.... Beat the Clock

Trolling tonight and found this paper on keeping fit as you age... called Beat the Clock.

With the right training, most people can be as fit in their 50s as they were in their 20s. Rick Lovett puts his 48-year-old body through its paces.
Rick Lovett is a writer and runner based in Portland, Oregon, USA
Mainly with a runners perspective, but I think the overall conclusions and suggestions are germane to cyclists as well.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Westwood - 4x1m high cadence, 6x2m L6, 1x6m L5

More high cadence drills, L5 and L4 intervals...

The good news is that the cadence drills do seem to be working... Best 5 seconds was over 170, best 20 over 160, best 30 over 150 and best minute was over 130... This is easily 30RPM higher than anything I could have done a year ago.

The bad news is that L5 is still anemic... the goal was L6 (430 watts) for 2 minutes... but I found it effectively impossible to get there... about about 1:20 or shortly after my heart rate would hit about 177 and simply couldn't continue...

Also did 1x6m L4 practice TT.. This was far easier to finish as it fits into the good portion of my power profile.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

VVV Wiltshire 160km

This was postponed from last week due to rain... so thought I would give it a try and see if my shoulders would last...

Michel, Dino and I started about a half hour after the main VVV group with the specific goal of doing a fast 32-32 km/h ride for the 160km.

First half to Timmy's in Abbotsford was ok... About half way through the second half though my shoulders started getting very sore. 

Michel did most of the work and we maintained a good pace. That at least meant less time suffering :-) The painful shoulders are strictly a function of time on the bike... so overall five hours on the bike at 32km/h was less painful than six at 28km/h...

Unfortunately I managed to leave the Ergomo in it's charging station... So TSS is an estimate... I figured 50-60 points per hour, or about 300. Last time I did two years ago I did more work at the front, but lower overall pace... and got 325 .. so hopefully not an unreasonable estimate.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pez - You Look Mah-velous: Cycling Style Etiquette

Pez at it again... how to look and ride Euro-cool

Billy Crystal and his alter ego Fernando Llamas said it best when he mugged, “It is better to look good than to feel good, dah-ling.” The cyclist’s version goes something like, “It is better to look good than to ride good.” We can’t all be world champions or even win the sprint on the local club ride, but at least we can look cool going off the back.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

News from the tubular testing front, they are fast if you over glue!

A very interesting post over at Bike Tech Review....

It appears that the old track axiom of over glueing may have some basis. Adding an extra two layers of glue (3 for rim, 2 for tubular, instead of the suggested 2 for rim and 1 for tubular), at least using Mastik, may result in a lower CRR...

Not recommended for Tri-Guys though if you want to be able to fix a flat in a race... The tester reports that it took him a day to remove a tubular glued in this fashion...

Glued in this fashion a Vitorria Crono dropped down to 0.00235.. a substantial improvement over the previously reported 0.00276 when lightly glued. And possibly gettting it close to the "fastest" tire in the AFM list.

I am just half way through glueing a new Pista on a Zipp 404 front wheel for the track racing season... So it's out to put another coat of glue on... instead of just the final mount... I should have mounted it yesterday, but got busy... then stumbled across this tonight..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heritage - Hour of Power - 12x2:30 L5

Heritage Hour of Power... 

This is my 2km loop 2 blocks away from home... roughly 1/3 up at 7%, 1/3 flat and 1/3 down... five minutes per loop. Repeat 12 times. Target is >350 watts, L5, on the uphill portion for 2:40 (best) and 2:55 (end)..

By coincidence the uphill correspondes very nicely to a 2km TT or Pursuit on the track... Start with 20-30 seconds > 400 and then complete 2 additional minutes > 350 watts...  Assuming of course I can translate this to fixed gear AND practice the standing start, transition to aero, etc... the overall power should allow for a reasonable time... I'm hoping to get close to 2:30 for next years Canadian Track Nationals (which we are hosting here..)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anmore Tour - L4/.L3

The weather forecast was for rain so I decided against the Flatlander 200km... I don't mind getting wet, but cycling for 6-7 hours while wet just didn't have enough attraction to get me up at 4:30 to get to the venue for 6:15...

The weather here (as opposed to farther east in the Fraser Valley) in the afternoon was actually reasonably nice ... AND dry... so went out and did my old standard Anmore Tour, mostly L4, falling off for the last half hour to L3.

Yesterday was the "Group of guys who meet at the Esso across the Pitt River Bridge at 9:00" ride... which is mostly an L2 social ride along Ford Road and then out to McNeal and Neeves Road, but with a bit of a L4 windup along McNeil and then finishing with a short sprint at the south end of Neeves..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pictures from BCMCA Langley RR

Some pictures from the BCMCA Langley race Aug 23... thanks to John Sullivan.

The better looking rider is Anselmo Rossielo... I think this was the last turn before the finish sprint for our group.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Legally Speaking with Bob Mionske - Readers' thoughts on road rage

Bob Moskie had an excellent set of columns this summer documenting and commenting on some of the Road Rage incidents that made the news this summer.

One of the problems with our sport is that when you put in a 1000+ kilometers a month training on the urban road system you do end up getting passed by jerks (they are the ones that pass by too fast, too close and think it is funny to honk loudly in your left ear) or be cut off by idiots who don't understand that you simply cannot stop a bike going > 30km/h like you can a car with disc brakes.

But it rarely helps to get angry it these types... so try and keep your cool and smile when you catch up with them at the next set of lights... At least occasionally it may help them think twice the next time...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Higher cadence...

I spent all summer doing high cadence drills on the road bike.. Last night was the first time at the track that I think we started to see some progress.

The chart on the right is a quadrant analysis chart showing pedal force to pedal velocity for 2 track training rides last December, a representative race from the 6-day last January and the training ride last night.

The dark blue and green show last years training rides. The light blue is the 6-day points race. The light purple last night.

What we see is that last year we had the highest power output (section I, top right) for the race. And last night we had numbers slightly higher than that... 

Also we see that at levels we see higher cadence numbers (more samples on the right) for the race and last night... 

So while not conclusive it seems to indicate that we are a) spinning faster and b) putting out higher power at the same cadence.

Both of which where the goal of doing higher cadence drills.

Ford Road - 20s anaerobic intervals and Track L3

Yesterday was 20 second anaerobic intervals... One every five minutes for an hour... Done with 53x13 gear, start at low speed,  push as hard as possible for 20 seconds... A lot harder than it sounds... 

Tonight out to the track. Mostly L3 in a small group... Pushing up to a few sets of 7-8 laps on the front at about 42-43 km/h. Then as group slowed down, three take-a-laps (drop down from blue and sprint until you catch the group again...)

Track legs starting to come back. The lead outs at 42-43 for 7-8 laps felt comfortable.. much better than last month when I simply couldn't get up to speed without getting short of breath...

Fall season track racing starts Oct 3... 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Anmore Tour - L2 with L5/L6 intervals

Anmore Tour, mostly L2 with ana-areobic L5/L6 intervals... 

Saturday, September 13, 2008

VeloVets Golden Ears - social ride, some L3/L4

VeloVets Golden Ears Ride.. social ride but once we get to the park its typically a fast TT out to the end and then a fast TT back to the park gates etc...  After the Timmy's stop back to Pitt River Bridge via Neeves - McNeil Road loop. Which also ended up as a nice long L3/L4 pull. So ended up with a nice training ride overall.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SFU via Barnett - 10x1m high cadence drills

Out to SFU via Barnett, doing 10 one minute high cadence drills. These where supposed to be at random power so the rolling highway was suitable. I think I managed to do over 110 average RPM for each interval. I still get the bouncing in the saddle syndrome about 122-125... 

Followed that with some L4 climbs (10 minutes and then 5 minutes) up to SFU and then home.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Heritage Mtn - 3x10 L4 Hill Reps

Out to Heritage Mtn, 3x10 minute L4 hill reps..

Building CTL back up, getting ready to start doing track work prior to the start of the fall track series (2nd Friday in October....)

Which assumes I'm brave enough to get back up on the boards in a mass start race. My physio suggests shoulder pads. Not sure how well that would work.... could be a detrment aero wise... on the other hand might be good for intimdating the other starters :-)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

BCMCA Cobble Hill RR - 2nd

More tire troubles... I had thought (hoped) that the casing was ok, but apparantly not... fortunately I was able to baby it back to the parking lot (where it finally popped...) and swap the tube in lap 3... Lost about 5-7 minutes from the lead group of 50-59's... but still managed a (distant) 2nd... And that was enough points to keep me in first place for the years overall in the 50-54 group.

The 50-59's had started out quite slow. Don Gilmore and Hugh Trenchard on the other hand set a very fast pace and caught us in lap 2 (or 7)... We followed them down to the start/finish and then I was the only one who managed to stay with them on the slow climb back up... Ended up a good minute or two ahead of my group before getting dropped on the small steep hill at the far corner (400m at >9%) 

Then TT'd and stayed off them for about two laps until the tire trouble and my group caught and passed by me. After fixing the tire I had the 30's group just ahead of me and tried in vain to get back onto them. Even getting a boost from Don and Hugh as they lapped the field... but again getting dropped by them on the hill just 50m short of jumping onto the 30's...  That was with 1 lap to go.. From there it was just TT around picking of stragglers from various groups...

So it was a difficult day... lot's of L3 riding and match burning (keeping up with Don and Hugh and 7 times up the hill...)

Cobble Hill RR:
Duration:   1:54:16 (2:00:39)
Work:       1832 kJ
TSS:       172.9 (intensity factor 0.953)
Norm Power: 300
VI:         1.12
Pw:HR:       3.18%
Pa:HR:       1.42%
Distance:   63.649 km
Elevation Gain:     902 m
Elevation Loss:   903 m
Grade:     -0.0 %  (-1 m)
Min Max Avg
Power:       0 964 267 watts
Heart Rate:   0 182 164 bpm
Cadence:     25 134 86 rpm
Speed:       1.8 71.8 33.4 kph
Pace         0:50 33:20 1:48 min/km
Altitude:     142 220 186 m
Crank Torque: 0 99.9 30.4 N-m
Temperature: 24 31 26.8 Celsius