Sunday, December 13, 2009

BVC Racing, Computrainer

Friday was the last of the fall series... three nice races, Elimination, 30 lap Scratch and 5x10 Points.. not that I was competitive, but probably my best efforts for the last month or two... I was on my training wheel as the disc was at home with a flat. So moved from my typical 50x14 (93.1") to 52x15 (90.4") and that actually felt like a reasonable gearing.

Lungs starting to feel better, GP gave me s stronger puffer, Alvesco, to help get the bronchitis under control. And also some Naproxen for the shoulders (its the next step up from Ibuprofen apparently... still prescription in BC, but OTC in the rest of Canada and US...) So that is letting me get a little more focussed.

Did an easy two hour L2 ride on the Computrainer yesterday (75TSS).

Today an L3/L4 workout today (130TSS). First Adnan's Three minute hill repeats (erg mode, power setting 200 moving to 300 over three minutes, then three minutes at 200, repeat eight times.) I tried to do the L3/L4 efforts at a cadence of 100+ with reasonable success for the first five or six...

Then another 20 minutes of my 2k loop as L4 and then 20 minutes cool down.