Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Series - River Road C Group

First race of the year, Spring Series, River Road. I stayed with the C group. A little smaller this year, about 41 people starting. I think a bunch of people who otherwise would have raced C raced in the Novice group. Certainly we didn't loose too many riders over the first laps. And normally we drop a bunch in the first few laps.

C group was fairly crash free this year. We had one person go down by them self hitting a cone. And in the last lap someone at the front (about fifth wheel) apparently touched wheels and went down hard. Which caused a bunch of other people to go into a pothole on the shoulder. And a bunch more to stop dead. The rest of us managed to get around the final turn and sprint to the finish without incident. If memory serves this is the first time in several years (3-4) that there hasn't been a crash in the final corner in C group.

Average pace was so so, only about 38.2kph. We got caught by the B's in our 9th lap. We where only supposed to do 9 laps, but the lap board guy seems to have got confused and we ended up doing one extra. Luckily as otherwise we would have been trying to sprint into the back of the B's.

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