Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Series - Old Yale Crit

Flat one km course. The wind helping on one leg. I managed to stay with the pack for 20 minutes, until the 5 lap to go sign went up. Then couldn't quite stay and did the last laps by myself. I suspect, as usual, I was the "last" person to get dropped.. A distinction of sorts (same at Armstrong.)

Good for 8th or 9th out of (I think) about 25 or 30 people who started in the C group.


Ryan said...

I can confirm you were last-to-drop, more or less, or at least the last person on the lead lap. I was in 10th place, first position among everyone who got lapped, and you got 9th.

I was a bit surprised at how selective the race ended up being. I think we started with at least 20, and only 9 went the distance.