Monday, August 15, 2011

Cedar Sprint Pictures

Thanks to Duane and his telephoto we have some nice shots as we head in for final sprint at Cedar RR

 15 Seconds just about 230 meters out. Otto had made his move to the front 200 meters earlier and this is almost exactly where he started his sprint to the line.

 10 seconds out, about 137 meters. Mike Sevcov has moved around the rider he was following (yellow and black jersey to the far left.) I'm just maintaining my position behind Mike and protecting a line by staying to his right (my left) so I wouldn't get boxed in.

 6 seconds out, about 80 meters. Ray Wagner on the far left is coming around the blocking rider. Steve Crowley is stuck in the middle.

 1 second out, Ray Wagner moving up on the left, Ray Crowley has moved across to the right. Both are slightly to late.

Otto has a good gap. He has lead the sprint from 450meters out. First attacking to get to the front and then then sprinting from 250m. Mike Sevcov still going strong.

I'm maintaining my position against Ray and Steve.

Final 1-Otto, 2-Mike, 3-Stuart, 4-Steve and 5-Ray.