Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back to the track...

Well actually I was back two weeks ago... nice workout, but then at exactly 15 minutes after midnight... the nose felt funny and by 12:30... cold... That has now done what colds always do caused bronchitis to flair up.

But anyway, not infectious, not really sick. So time to get back on the bike. I did an easy L2/L3 ride on the weekend (Ford Road.).

Tonight was the Wednesday BVC Structured Workout. Two sets of groups of four doing four laps tempo and then one sprinting. Then finished with take-a-half lap whistle drill with the group split into two groups of eight.
Finished with about 20 minutes of SST paceline work. Bruce Denis and a couple of other people, doing 42+ kmh workout. Last four-five minutes moving up to 44.

I've missed the first three weeks of the Friday nighters... Will get back out this Friday.