Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anmore Tour - new PB!

Last night was another WTNC, fairly warm so the pace was slow. So I spent the first few laps attacking on the downhill ... lots of fun, pushed heartrate way up... Gave up when they rang the bell for the preem.

Then got dropped after another few laps. Got caught up with the cat 3's and dragged back to my group. Went to the front with Ryan and strongly suggested that the race was neutralized until we got back to the downhill...

Did one more attack and then let them go for the bell lap... just soft pedaled it to the finish..

Today was cooler (finally...) Out to do my Anmore Tour. Didn't have any strong expectations heading out, but realized on the first long climb (1.5km @ 8%) that I was feeling fairly strong and would probably be close to my PB for it. Didn't quite get there (9:10 vs about 8:30) but given that I hadn't bother to warm up and didn't really get serious for the first 4-5 minutes that wasn't too bad. Probably a PB for 2010.

  1. Buntzen: 17:00 beating 17:20 (2007)
  2. Whitepine: 33:45, beating 34:20 (2007)
  3. Belcarra: 43:50 beating 45:20 (2007)
  4. Burrard Thermal: 56:16 beating 57:30 (2009)
  5. Aspenwood: 89:02 beating 90:00 (2007 & 2009)
  6. Home: 94:55 beating 95:36 (2009)
I'll have to try this again next week with a proper warmup. In theory I was 40 seconds slow at the top of my first big hill on east road. But then pulled that all back plus some getting over to Buntzen. If I just matched my best time up that hill and maintained todays pace for the rest of the course that would get me down close to 94:15.

I reasonably sure that the Tuesday nighters are helping this. They are just 10x1minute L6/L7 intervals with about 90 seconds rest in between (unless you attack on the downhill...)

Also the Anmore Tour is repeated l-2 km hills and lends itself to doing a lot of standing up on the pedals doing L5-L6 efforts and then getting your breath back cruising down the backside of the hill to the next one.

This should help TT FTP etc. Although Time Trialing is more (almost all) aerobic, L4/L5 and not much standing up. We'll see how the Cypress HC goes on the 28th. There is also the BC TT on the 29th. May be able to sneak into that as well if there are no snafu's and I get enough volunteers. It will be the Warp Speed course, but two laps. So slightly longer than the Squamish course. Goal time would be 53:00. But my best time on the single lap is 26:47, so 53:00 for two might be a tad optimistic :-)


Anonymous said...


Any TT results yet? I think I was about 57 min; probably not fast enought for Olaf but maybe faster than Tony Routley. How was your Cypress climb? I will miss the VVV TT on 4th Sept. It looks like I will miss the Turkey-10 as well due to conflict with the New Brighton CX race. Away for a few days; back on the 8th.

Bill Riley