Saturday, December 6, 2008

BVC Friday Racing - absolutely nothing

Big and fast A/B field (5 A's, 14 B's)..

Lot's of much too fast racing for me... "Resting" pace of 48-49 km/h... :-(

I just didn't have the legs to keep up... and to make it worse I was on my old training wheel on the back as the Zipp disc has a flat... (I figure that the disc is good for about 30 watts at those speeds... in other words, I have to put out 30 watts more on the training wheel at the same speed..)

Anyway... good training... but not much fun. On the other hand I don't think the other B's where making much headway either...  Boris Martin managed a 3rd in the 60 lap Scratch race.. Steph Roorda a 5th in the 4x10 Points and Matt DeLuco a 5th in the Elimination...

Today I spent two hours on the Computrainer (drizzle at 2-4C not my idea of suitable training weather...) mostly L2 pace.

Next Friday is the last of the Fall Friday nighters... then two weeks off the bike.