Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow... More Snow.... Even more Snow,

With two feet of snow and counting.... there was no option... picked up some entry level Nordic cross country ski's at MEC.

Today I put them on outside my garage and ski-toured up my street over to Port Moody's one and only Bert Flinn Nordic Park (who knew, usually we think of it as Bert Flinn Park with it's off leash Dog area and mountain bike trails)... The trails at the upper end (Strong Road) are just about right for beginner ski-touring.. It's been decades (plural,  yes...) so beginner was just about right. Spent two hours out there with one of he dogs. I think he had almost as much fun as I did.

Rumour has it that nordic ski-touring can be just as aerobic as cycling (or more...) I guess you have to get good at it first. The modern equipment is pretty amazing. Waxless ski's. Step in bindings. Light weight. And pretty in-expensive too. Just put it on and go... Then stand up and try again... Repeat ad nauseum...

Kudo's to Ryan Cousineau, I drove by him down by Rocky Point yesterday. He was kitted out in nice retro cycling style and was out trying the trails around Rocky Point... only about -2C and a foot plus of new snow.. I should be so dedicated...

With luck should be able to get a couple of days in at the track next week. It is supposed to be open for two training days between X-mas and New Years.


Ryan said...

Yeah, I looked dedicated, didn't I? That spotting of me, about 1.5 km from my house, came at the furthest point of my trip. The truth was the conditions were nearly unrideable, and miserable at any rate. Skis sound pretty good right now. When does the Velodrome open?