Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another boring week trying to rebuild CTL

Well not terribly boring... but...

Wednesday I was at the track. Some Take-A-Lap drill with Eric and Kelvin. Then Points-race drill with Anthony... Its amazing how doing 8 x two lap drills at max effort can kill you...

Tuesday was SFU via Barnet, climbed it from both sides. Friday was Anmore Tour as L3 workout. Today I was out to the Albion Ferry and then a bit farther along Lougheed at L4, then back at L3.

Assuming I can do another 100+ TSS ride tomorrow, this should start me back to CTL building. The last two month have been really strange, between work, climate, racing, climate (did I say the weather has been bad...) CTL has really sufferred. I had a great start to the year, 4-5 weeks ahead of things at the beginning of March.. At this point I'm well behind last year (and the year before that...)