Sunday, May 24, 2009

Campbell Heights RR and Tom Binnie Crit

Saturday was Campbell Heights RR... Mostly a fun and easy 9km circuit. With two short 30 second sprint climbs... The rest of the circuit was fast and easy... Had good position going into the last lap and the last climb. But about 8 guys leapt up it and got a 50-75m gap from the rest of us. And managed to stay off till the finish (another 3km).

Sunday was the Tom Binnie Crit... Flat and fast... Reminded me why I hate crits... Sprint, catch, sprint, catch, sprint, catch.... Ugh... I was off the back after about 10 minutes... Then did my own thing for another 30 minutes... Then I got lapped...

I found it easier to do 39-40km by myself than to stay at the back while the group did about 42km.. Mainly because of the surging..

Thanks to Ted Martin for the photo from the crit... Showing me suffering by myself :-)