Sunday, May 10, 2009

Slow week

I had an off week... almost felt like a bit of a cold. I was supposed to do a hillrep workout on Thursday and just couldn't get started on it...

Anyway, felt a bit better yesterday. Did 4x6 minute TT's. Alternating 30s low RPM and 60s high RPM..

Today was LSHC... Long Slow Hill Climbs... SFU from both sides, then home and up to the top of Parklane on Heritage... Then home Mostly L2 pace... Except for the first SFU climb at L3.

I hurt my shoulder last week at the track. Really stupid, almost fell over while waiting to start a race on Sunday and pulled some muscles in my left arm and shoulder. Starting to feel a bit better, but it has made cycling fairly painful for the last week.

I'm hoping that the spring weather, which has finally started to get sunny, holds. I'd like to get out and build CTL up again...


Anonymous said...

Stuart - great blog, your race reports from last year are a awesome source of pre-race info.

I just moved to Vancouver and was wondering if you've found a good spot to do some aero testing in the greater Van area? Ie: Straight, flat, low traffic, low wind?


Stuart Lynne said...

I use Neaves road in Pitt Meadows:

Straight and very close to being pancake flat. Can't always guarantee no wind.

Weekdays work best for traffic.

McNeil Road in the same area also has a shorter section (2km) that can be used. It is useful as it is at right angles to Neaves, so sometimes can have less wind (or cross winds only etc compared to Neaves.)