Sunday, June 14, 2009


Off to Nainomo today for the BCMCA TTT, 64km... Bill Yearwood put together a team with myself, Dave Mercer and John Sullivan. Average age, just a tad over 60. We finished in 1:42:12. This gave us an age adjusted score of about 30 minutes (we beat or age target by 30 mintues.)

Second place was Duane Martindales younger team (average age in the 50's)... The beat us on clock time with a finish of 1:42:00... But where 4 minutes slower on adjusted time..

Third place was those young guys, led by TT specialist Don Gilmore, 1:31, but only beating their age adjusted time by 21 minutes..

Reasonably difficult 34km course out and back, done twice. 300m elevation gain (twice.)

We still managed 40.3 average speed.


Mark said...

you didn't comment about your commute.