Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michel Pelletier sends news from Trans-Alps

Hello everyone,
Just finished day 3 of our 7 days TransAlp Tour/Race. My partner and I are doing quite good considering that I totally forgot how big and steep these hills are in Europe and I was still “highly undertrained” for the speed I wanted to go up these hills at in order to follow the leading teams.

THANK GOD, my partner Paul is a stronger climber than I am and he his being a HUGE help in getting my overly heavy body up these slopes following these “ skinny legged riders”... :-) Yes Nola, your hubby is doing a great job as my partner. Am I ever glad I brought him along!!

We are presently in 12th position ( out of 180 team) within our Master Division and we are 64th out of the 492 team which are left after 3 days of riding. We started at 575 teams but the somewhat hard conditions forced a few teams to go home early!

The weather has been fine so far, only a tad bit of rain yesterday and today was glorious!!

You can take a look at the website:

Tomorrow is somewhat of a rest day, only 91.19kms! This will be our shortest day of the tour!

As you can see from the picture on the link I have attached, it isn’t actually a flat course but hey, flat courses are for whimps right!!

Wish me luck people! I am having a blast out here!!


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Michel Pelletier