Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Vittorias - cheaper in the UK!

I thought I would try some Vittoria Chrone EVO CS tubulars, as a replacement on the Zipp 909 disc (that I flatted on last week) and possibly on the track bike (Zipp 3000 and Zipp 900 disc).

Pricing in Canada is bizarrely high. $169 suggested list. Probably could source them at the LBS for about $145, but they would still have to order them in from Montreal.

Internet pricing from US sites, seems to be around $90US. Or about the same as the Veloflex Records. Shipping typically runs $16US... So with shipping for two, calling about $105Cdn...

UK sites must more attractive though. 32 pounds. Shipping 6 pounds... Actually slightly less as I won't have to pay VAT... Ends up at about $65 Cdn! Strangely this is low for Vittorias only. Veloflex pricing is similiar to the US...