Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ryder 8K - 11:02 new PB

Managed to get another 3 seconds off my best time for the last Ryder 8K... I was hoping to get under 11:00 but the construction along Westbrooke Mall (the uphill section in the middle) had left some rough sections and a 15' section of gravel (on a bend, never drifted a corner doing a TT before :-) ).

Average and norm power up as well.

Ryder 8K TT:

Duration: 11:02
Work: 254 kJ
TSS: 27.4 (intensity factor 1.22)
Norm Power: 390
VI: 1.02
Distance: 7.538 km
Elevation Gain: 80 m
Elevation Loss: 23 m
Grade: 0.8 % (57 m)
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 852 384 watts
Heart rate: 105 189 176 bpm
Cadence: 29 109 88 rpm
Speed: 10.1 55 41.0 kph
Pace 1:05 5:56 1:28 min/km
Altitude: 130 196 167 m
Crank Torque: 0 113.7 42.1 N-m
Temperature: 21 23 22.2 Celsius

There are 3 more TT's this season. A 48K this weekend (Sunday, after a RR on Saturday..) And two short (10K) Velovet TT's in September and October.

My last time in the Velovet 10K TT was 13:46. I'm hoping to get that under 13:30. That should be possible if the weather co-operates. (The course is pretty much flat, but is next to the Vancouver Airport and the ocean, and can get a lot of wind.) My average power the last time was 368 watts, so should be able to do well over 370.. Which should mean a better time.

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