Saturday, August 23, 2008

BCMCA Abbotsford RR

Another fun BCMCA race on my favorite local course... only one "hill" and it is short enough to not really count :-) Total elevation gain something like 40m per lap for nine laps.

Unlike most of the BCMCA races this was not done as Australian pursuit... Two groups everyone up to 54... and everyone 55 and older. So I got to play with the young guys... who kept up a fairly brisk pace of just over 40km/h. About lap four someone got off the front a few hundred yards and a small group jumped away at the top of the small climb to go and catch him (led by Chris Squire and Michel Pelletier..) I was at the back of the group at the time so wasn't there to go with them.

I assumed, wrongly, that the larger group would reel them back in... but we didn't get organized and they kept away for the last two laps... There was no on in my age group (50-54) with them so it wasn't the end of the world for me..

Had a fun sprint at the finish. Another over 50 type and myself moved to the front and led the way through the small rollers to the last turn, I then managed to stay towards the front beating him and finishing about sixth. I remember Anselmo Rossiello and some young guys passing me about half way up. (I think there was about 20-25 riders left in our group at the finish..) The finish sprint is about 300m uphill, about a 3% grade.

This matches pretty much what I did last spring (C group, spring series this year.)

Next week is BCMCA Cedar RR... park and ride from the ferry...