Monday, August 4, 2008

Squamish TT - pre-ride 51:56 / 52:10

About a 35 second improvement over last years pre-ride. But I note that this may be a bit short compared to the actual race day start/finish... So call it about 52:10 for that distance. There was a slight wind helping on the trip out and slowing us down for the trip back.

I thought the pacing was a bit better than last year. Saved more for the trip back.

I was all-aero today, including the Zipp disc; except I used a short sleeved skin-suit and I had normal water bottle mounted plus tubular inflator aerosol can mounted next to it (not terribly aero, but visions of 18km walk back to car etc...)

This is what the basic course profile looks like. With the only "steep" bit being the final 2km climb to the finish at just under 1% grade. It does usually end up being the slowest and hardest bit especially as it also has the worst of the chip seal (I thought for sure today I had a flat...) and it always seems to have the worst of the headwind.