Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mt Seymour Challenge

It never rains but pours...

This time figuratively speaking...

Approaching the start line with 3 minutes to go there was the loud bang of a tubular blowing out... mine...

Quick run down to the car, madly swap the spare front wheel in, back to the finish line a half km uphill... started about 2:20 after everyone else.

At least it didn't actually rain on us, the road was wet as it had rained about an hour earlier..

Power felt better, and the adrenalin kicked in a bit... Had to time trial up the entire way. Managed to catch up and pass a few people.

Official time 49 and a bit, but the actual time was 47:12. Not bad, previous time up this year (May 17) was 49:30.

This was on the road bike with climbing cassette, 12x25. Seymour has max grade of just over 7%, so was able to keep the cadence up over 70 almost the entire way.

Even adjusting back Bill Riley beat me by one or two seconds today to take third in our age class (... and about six seconds yesterday... Much better weekend than I had :-) )