Sunday, August 17, 2008

Neaves Road Practice TT's and SFU Barnett L2/L3

Yesterday was practice TT's out at Neaves Road. Far too hot to get power up though. Did five before heading home.

Today headed up SFU. Spinning and L2/L3... Spinning practice along Barnett to Hastings, then climbed SFU from both sides. Then headed back to Port Moody and climbed up Charter Hill, 600m at between 10 and 14% grade.

CTL/ATL have bottomed out (hopefully) at just over 80. Still better than last year where (after tapering for Squamish TT) I ended up about 60.

Three more BCMCA road races to round the season out... Abbotsford, 232Ave course next week, then Nanaimo Cedar and finish with Cobble Hill.