Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Anmore Tour - new PB

Skipped doing the Canada Day randeneur ride... Shoulders get too sore after 2-3 hours... 140km takes about 5+ hours... Hurts just thinking about it.

Did my Anmore Tour (Buntzen, Whitepine, Belcarra, Thermal Plant...) and managed a PB. Slow start, 50 seconds off my time at Buntzen (18:10 vs 17:20); almost 2 minutes at WhitePine (36:40 vs 34:40); but 20 seconds back at Belcarra (45:30 vs 45:10); and 40 seconds ahead by the Thermal Plant (57:30 vs 58:16). Then 25 seconds ahead at the finish (1:35:36 vs 1:36:00).

Probably could have done better with a proper warmup... Didn't actually go out with a plan to do a PB... Kind of clicked around WhitePine... Some of the speedup was due to the nice weather... But then the previous PB's where in June... so probably not too much.

I've been doing this route for years.... my spreadsheet goes back to 2002, although those where on a mountain bike. Back then times to the power plant where about 72 minutes.. I broke 60 minutes for the first time in 2006 (once) and then a couple of times in 2007. Getting down to 57:30 is pretty good. Although, some of that is nice weather and fast descents.