Saturday, July 4, 2009

VVV Iona 10km ITT - new PB 13:47

New PB on the Iona course... 13:47...

Previous best was 13:48 2007-07-14...

The wind was about 10km from the west, so big advantage going out, and clawing our way back. Average speed on the way out was just under 49kmh, and barely over 40kmh on the way back.

I had a bad turn around with a car insisting on passing between me and the turn pylon... Not quite sure what goes through the mind of a driver following somebody on a bike doing 50kmh who slows down and changes course coming up to an orange pylon with a couple of people standing around it.. But it shows why you have to do that shoulder check.

N.B. The speeds in the above graphic are too high, I forgot to set the wheel circumference. The correction factor is 2080/2133 or about .97.