Friday, July 31, 2009

Beat the heat - ride at night

Too hot... yesterday it was about 32C in Port Moody for most of the day... So I ate supper and then just went out at midnight... Still very warm, about 25C, but with no sun actually very pleasant.

Did some easy hill climbs on Westwood Plateau. That kept me close to home and on mostly residential streets. Low traffic, good pavement, well lit.

Legs where still sore from the sprinting at the track on Wed...

Tomorrow we will be out to VVV 10k ITT in the morning. Then up to Squamish to pre-ride the BC TT course. Hopefully it won't be too hot up there... I'm just hoping that the good weather lasts at least another 8 days. Last year we had a thunderstorm roll through and I did my 53 minutes soaking wet... Started in the worst part of the deluge.