Thursday, September 17, 2009

BC Senior Games ITT - 1st 22:13

BC Senior Games 15.8km ITT today.

Managed 22.13 for 1st 55-59 and best time overall by about a minute...

See here for Bikely Route. This is a reasonably difficult course.

The first 4km goes out from Ferguson Road to under the bridge and back, averaged 40.9 km/h... Hard to get any speed up.

Then it was out to Iona with a tail wind, average 46.2 km/h.

They ran us right into the parking lot with the turn-a-round right where next to where the park toilets are. Caused a certain amount of futzing about getting through the parking lot.

And then crunch time all the way back against the wind... 40.7 km/h.

Overall, 42.7 km/h. 292 PAvg and 293 NPAvg.


Ryan said...

Congratulations on an epic Senior Moment!

Mark said...

Congrats. You are doing great!
Couple of questions: (1) who is the organizing? (2) did they block the whole road? (3) I never tried at Grauer Road (under the bridge) but why is it hard to get speed? It is not especially twisty.
Lastly if you can post your average power for the different segements that would be great.