Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cypress Part Deux HC - 1st 55-64

An absolutely fantastic day for a fall hill climb.... A nice turn out.... With 13 people in my 55-64 age class.

My time was about 38:30. Should have been about 10 seconds faster. The guy I lead into the very last turn finished 38:20 and I would have been there with him, except I hit a pothole and blew out my rear tubular.. So had to limp up the last 200m to the finish line.

Luckily (didn't know it at the time) another 55-64 rider, Michael McPhalen was right on my rear wheel, so almost lost 1st place... He was only 3 seconds back at the finish...

Michel Pelletier was just a little way back from me most of the way up. He took 1st in the Clydesdale division with 38:44... This was just a warmup for him, he is doing the Mt. Baker climb tomorrow.

Overall I was 22 out of 118 men. So not too bad.

Fastest time up was Sebastian Salas with 29:54.

The course was slightly different from the spring version...

Here are the two bikely maps:
  1. Chicks
  2. Glotman Simpson
The Chicks race starts at the bottom (Cypress Lane) and goes to to under the Power Lines.

Glotman Simpson started at the works yard and went to the turn off to the cross country area, then followed that up a few hundred meters.
  • Length: 11.82 - 12.24
  • Elevation gain: 675 - 681
Very comparable... But with a difference in times.
  • Time: 38:20 - 36:54
The time difference is due to the first part of the Chicks version being flat enough that the Mass Start gets a lot of speed up on the first 1.5km. The Glotman Simposon race extends past the Chicks finish by a similar amount but you don't get the same speed.
  • Chicks First 1.5km - 2:45
  • Glotman Simpson last 1.5km - 4:55
So that easily explains the 1:30 difference in my time today.

So possibly a slightly better overall result than the Spring.

Now it is out to the garage to rip the tubular off that wheel and prep it for a new one. It is the light Bontrager XXX Carbon that I use for hill climbs and I'll want it next week.