Wednesday, September 2, 2009

David HillClimb - TT and Standing

Three tries on my short practice David Hill Climb. Twice on the TT bike and once standing up on the Road Bike.

The TT bike comes in as the clear winner... 4:14, 4:22 (with 10 second wait for traffic light!) and 4:26 for the standing attempt. So it appears that TT has clear 10 second benefit compared to standing and "sprinting" the entire way (which in turn appears from last weekend's testing to be slightly faster than sitting.)

I'll try and get some ideas on the Spanish Bank HC this weekend if the weather co-operates... VVV 10k ITT is on Saturday morning. I'll head over to Spanish Banks after that.

For now looking at a profile from last year (we went up it for the Pacific Populaire) it appears that the main part of the climb will be 3.4% over 2km. And the Bikely profile seems to agree with that. There may be an extra few hundred meters at the bottom and top that will reduce overall grade.

The average speed for David HC was about 22kmh. I'm expecting for Spanish Banks will be more than 27kmh. So the benefit from the TT bike will increase.


Ryan said...

Your finding regarding the TT bike being fastest shouldn't be controversial, but what proportion of the Spanish Banks HC riders do you think will use a TT bike?