Thursday, September 24, 2009

Track Racing starts this week, time to set goals for next year

But I'm taking a week off... at least...

BVC is starting the Fall track series a week or two early this year.... after we pushed the road season late into September and I did the BC Senior Games...

And we are having unseasonably warm weather.... the last few days would have counted as a heat wave most summers in Vancouver...

Sigh :-(

Anyway, I'm staying off the bike until probably next week. Maybe, if the the weather holds I'll do a social ride on the weekend... just to keep the legs limber... Can't actually remember the last time I went on a social ride.

I will be at the track on Friday for the racing... Pick up the results and I got voted onto the BVC Board, first meeting this Friday after racing.

Also time to think of goals for next year..
Need to determine goals for 2010... So I can start working on them ....
  1. Higher FTP for TT
  2. Higher one minute power for RR
  3. Extend RR endurance from 1.5 hour to 2 plus hours
I'm hoping to get more weekly practice TT's happening locally next year and a couple more TT races. That will both help build FTP and benefit from a higher FTP.

The second and third goals would (hopefully) get me fast enough to actually get on the podium for some Cat 4 type races. I was reasonably good at staying with the peloton this year in the sanctioned races, only to get dropped either at the last sprint hill or during the final sprint.

Or just running out of gas, especially on hot days with lots of Anaerobic and Endurance work. Dove Creek RR being a good example.. Pulled everyone around and ended up with leg cramps in the last lap..

It may be an idea to do the "B" group in Spring Series next year. They race between 80 and 120 km (C only does about 60-70.)


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your Senior Games results. Well done!

Re: a weekend social ride: I thought I had seen an email about a very relaxed VVV ride on Saturday to honour some of the senior club members. But there is nothing about it on the VVV website. Any idea when and where this ride might be?

Bill Riley