Friday, February 5, 2010

BVC Friday NIght racing - 3rd and 2nd

Only two races tonight. On the new lower gears... 86".

We did a 35 lap scratch and a 40 lap Point-a-Lap.

In the Scratch race stayed at the back for about the first 25 or so laps... With under 4 laps to go Adam Barlev got a very nice jump out of the back straight. close to a half lap gag... I managed to follow at a distance also getting a gap, just not as good. Managed to close a bit but started to loose steam with one lap to go. Marcel van der Veen caught me about then so I moved up track and let him go by. Still had a good gap so cruised to an easy 3rd.

The Point-a-Lap was fun. Good pace. Dave Kosick put out a big effort and got the first four laps. About lap 12 Adam Barlev got a nice jump and cruised a half a lap out for 17 laps... Jeremy finally announcing he had a lock on first.. So he moved up... I was expecting that and had saved myself and stayed in a good position, so immediately jumped out and got my own half lap. Cruised that to the end of the race, 11 laps. Final results Adam first, my second and Dave for third. Good results for Team Escape Velocity / BVC BOD (and also EV BOD for Adam and me...)

Both races where reasonably fast. Average speed just under 45kph. And in both races I managed a nice jump off the front hitting 55-57kph and following with a nice pull. One of 10 laps, 3 minutes, at 330 PAvg watts. The other four laps PAvg 441 watts. Both hitting over 800 watts on the jump. And both with cadences hitting just under 140 RPM.

These are quite high for me on the track. But it does confirm that the limiter at those speeds (> 55kph) is not leg speed but torque (i.e. power) to push the pedals against the wind. I'll need to try and get into a final sprint following someone fast and see if I can get up to something close to 60kph (aka about 145RPM). I've hit 60 in the big gears following a fast sprint to the finish (A group.) That was only 130RPM. But it would be144RPM to hit 60kph... Same power. So can I get there?