Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BVC Structured Workout

To hopefully reduce the number of accidents we are instituting gear restrictions for the Friday racing at the track. Looks like 86" or 50x15 or 48x15 depending on tire size etc.

The lower gears are problematical. To get ready I put on a 50x15, which with my 700x19c tubular is supposed to be 86.6" and rolls out at 86.2". Last Saturday night I was out and did tempo and threshold work. Including some "motorpacing", Rob Muldur took me around for 5 laps about about 48-49kph. Managed to hang on..

But felt totally beat up the next day. The lighter pressure on the pedals is making me put more weight on the seat and that in turn makes for a much bumpy ride, especially through the turns. And that in turn made for sore muscles in more than the usual places. So did only a recovery ride on Sunday and then two days off.

Tonight it was back for the Wednesday structured workout. We did some tempo paceline work. Bit tough, still trying to keep control on the bike with the higher leg speed. Then finished off with a hard threshold workout. Dave Gerths paceline of pain. We did 30 minutes at about 44-45kph. I was doing 5 lap pulls, trying to stay above 45.

Again, sore the next day. Mainly from high cadence and bouncing around.


Ryan said...

How do gear limits figure to limit crashes? Do they figure the sprints are too fast or do they just want everyone to spin more, or is it a matter of making it harder for an escape to stick, since drafting effects will now be stronger?