Sunday, February 7, 2010

Computrainer workout - 8x1m L6, 5x30s L7

Killer two hour workout on the Computrainer today.

I'm trying to increase my anaerobic capacity (L6). Which for me is 330 watts to about 410 watts. For many of the local races (Atomic course, Armstrong, Snake, Westside) the climbs require (for my weight, 72-74kg plus bike) about 350 watts for between one and three minutes.

These are painful intervals to practice, but the only way to get better at them is to do them. During the summer I use Heritage. But I just can't seem to get going and pushing L6 if it is cold. So back to the Computrainer. My favourite 2k loop course, push up the mini hills at L6, just about exactly 1:05, then 3 minutes rest. Repeat. Managed eight, Pavg watts between 340 and 390 for all of them.

Then some longer rest, with some short neuromuscular power 20-30 second intervals. Generally 450-500 Pavg watts.

As a bonus, with the reasonably hard workout I did yesterday (some tempo and threshold hill climbs on Westwood), racing on Friday, managed to get total TSS for the week up to match (exactly) the same as last week, 548... which got CTL up to 68...!!!

Just not sure I'll be able to walk tomorrow :-(