Friday, December 28, 2007

BVC Workout - endurance and short sprints

Rushed for time, so only able to do a quick endurance workout plus some short 1-2 lap sprints.

No sense pushing intensity or TSS at this point, the 6-day starts on Tuesday... So just keeping warmed up, CTL at or about where it is at, and hope for the best.

Apparently there are already 24 B racers signed up and registration is open for another 2 days... So I'm expected some fairly stiff competition.

I know that Mike Sidic has been out at the track training hard and experimenting with a slightly larger gear. Which I expect will give him a bit more endurance at speed. He's probably going to be tough to beat.

The 6-day is the biggest race series of the year at BVC, so I'm expected some very stiff competition. I'm hoping that Gina Grain (2007 Canadian Road Champion) shows up, she was (IMHO) the best rider last year barely missing first place behind Adam Shwind and Matt Potma (young bucks, since moved up to A group...)

My best result last year was something like a 6th place in a long (80 lap) scratch race. So I'm hoping to do a bit better this year.