Sunday, December 2, 2007

Computrainer - Map test, misc

Snowing outside, so had to do computrainer again today. Saw Uhl's post on doing a MAP test which reminded me that I have been meaning to do one for some time.

I constructed a simple MAP test erg file, ramping from 100-200 watts with 25 watt jumps per minute, then 5 watt jumps every 15 seconds.

The test protocol is simple, just match the required watts until you can no longer do so.

Then look at the Pavg for the last minute.

The results where a bit low. Only managed 346 watts in the last minute.

According to Ric Stearns MAP info page here that results in the following.

Zone Min Watts Max Watts Ride type Level
Recovery Recovery
Long Endurance 1.5-6hrs
Core Endurance Endurance
Tempo Training
Long TT Power Intensive
Shorter TT Power(and MAP/VO2Mx work)
MAP training (VO2Max efforts) Maximal
Anaerobic Work Capacity (<= 30s)

Estimated power outputs for distances based on MAP
3km 89-91% of Map 308 - 315 Watts
4km 88-91% of Map 304 - 315 Watts
16.1km 75-81% of Map 260 - 280 Watts
40.2km 72-77% of Map 249 - 266 Watts
80.5km 64-72% of Map 221 - 249 Watts
161km 60-68% of Map 208 - 235 Watts

Which seriously (I think) under estimates my power zones. Even assuming a (huge!) drop from this summer's TT performances, for short TT's I was doing 340 Pavg for 12-14 minutes (8-10K TTs).

Playing with the numbers show that to achieve that performance, according to MAP test protocol, would require a MAP test result of 400 watts Pavg in the last minute...!! Which I'm sure would not have been possible even at my summer peak.

I suspect this is a product of my power profile. Very low numbers on the left (5 second and 1 minute) and quite high on the left (5 minute and 1 hour..) I can go a (very) long time at FTP (say 320 watts) and just above (up to 350 watts), but as soon as I go above a certain point (say 370 watts) I run out of steam very quickly.

This also impacts on racing, both road (where short hard hills that other riders power up can cause me to burn a match) and on the track.


Uhl said...

Hey Stuart,

Noticed you linked to my blog...thanks! Yeah, I've been really digging the MAP Tests! They're so much easier than a "true" 1-hour FTP test. With MAPs, you only suffer for a few minutes, not an hour!

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that it sounds like you change your ramp rate during the test. This could be affecting your results. I use a 20 watt/min ramp rate, but at a micro level. So I do 5 watts every 15 seconds. If you were doing 25 watts/min, then you'd increase 5 watts every 12.5 seconds.

This is the protocol RST recommends here:

Uhl said... math is bad in the morning! The last sentence should say "5 watts every 12 seconds" (not 12.5). That would give you 25 watts/minute ramp rate.

Bahzob said...

Just starting up with MAP tests and agree with above in that protocol you use will affect final result. (FWIW I warm up at 100W+10W per min for 10 mins (with a couple of 15s 400W sprints) Then I start at 150W and increase 5W every 12 secs like Uhl) On first impressions I think they are useful to help judge your own progress but less so to compare to others.