Friday, October 10, 2008

BVC Friday Racing - more AB fast paced races

Tonight we had A and B groups combined again for a total of 20 riders (7 A, 13 B).

So very fast paced...

The first race was an Elimination to 10 lap scratch (20 down to 10 riders.) I didn't manage to get a good position at the front and had to duke it out at the back... Which I'm really not good at... Sprinting every 35 seconds or therabouts... Just not something I'm good at. I did managed to get towards the front once, but the pace was a hectic 47km/h and I just couldn't find a hole to drop into. And at that speed I couldn't sit up on the Blue line for long. So ended up at the back again.. I think I was 5th or 6th rider eliminated. Dave Kosic had a very good race, managing to get a good position during the elimination and staying in for the entire race. 

The second race was a 40 Lap Scratch. Again pace was high, over 45km/h. I was staying at the back to keep out of trouble, and unfortunately about lap 25 my group got gapped by the lead group. I tried to jump and bridge but didn't quite make it.. Ended up about 40m back and pushing wind at 45km/h. Managed to do that for about 8 laps...  By that time most of the gapped riders had been pulled, and as the lead group got close to me I was pulled so that they could do their last 4 lap sprint without having to go over any slower riders.

The final race race was a 6x10 Points race. Again I was comfortably hanging out at the back... The first 10 laps was very slow, about 39km/h.. but then picked up to 47-48km/h. My end group again got gapped, but this time I was able to jump and bridge up to the lead group. And then hang on while my heart rate got back down... Smaller (but much faster) group. Managed to get a good position and try for the 4th sprint (thanks to Mike Rothengaler, I think he let me have it), got 4th. Then 5th or 6th on the 5th sprint. And managed to stay with the group for the final sprint ..

Overall my best "performance" of the night, wattage wise (not tactically) was the first bridging attempt. Did 5 minutes with average speed of 48.2km/h, peak speed of 59km/h. Pavg 270 watts with peak watts at 662. Good numbers for me.

Playing the "old guy" card here... I'll note that 3 of the A riders are U19 stars, with a total age of 53..  so I beat them by one at 54 :-)

Racing on a 51x14.