Friday, October 3, 2008

Hope for us old guys.... Beat the Clock

Trolling tonight and found this paper on keeping fit as you age... called Beat the Clock.

With the right training, most people can be as fit in their 50s as they were in their 20s. Rick Lovett puts his 48-year-old body through its paces.
Rick Lovett is a writer and runner based in Portland, Oregon, USA
Mainly with a runners perspective, but I think the overall conclusions and suggestions are germane to cyclists as well.


Mary Sunshine said...

I believe this!

Great blog.

I'm trying to learn the Way of Watts....

FTP--so many new terms. I wonder if I sent you my TT output you could tell me what mine is.


Stuart Lynne said...

Have you checked the wattage mailing list archives? Lot's of discussion on how to figure out FTP.

See and look for wattage.