Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Westwood/Johnson - HC L3

HillClimbs at L3 tonight...

Did Westwood and Johnson Road... both close to home. Which was important as it was cool (10C) and getting dark as I finished...  So I could head straight home.

I wasn't pushing especially hard, (280-300 watts) and had the big 12-27 cassette on... but these two 16-18 minutes climbs felt very easy at this rate. And while not my best times, certainly not that bad either. My best ever time for Johnson is just under 17 minutes. I was about 19 and change tonight...  The former (this spring) was fall over at the top hard... Tonight I was barely breathing hard at the top...

An interesting effect of the large amount of recent track work and climbing cassette... I had the impression that my legs where doing really big (and easy) circles.. (the road bike has 172.5mm cranks, the track bike is 170mm.) A bit strange how muscle memory can "feel" the difference..