Monday, August 10, 2009

BC TT Champ - Tony Routley giving me physio

Usually I can only get my arm that high under the strict supervision of my physiotherapist....

The earlier pictures had a nice CBC sign behind the podium... the wind blew it down.

Tony was 2nd... Bill Riley was 3rd and couldn't wait for awards.


Anonymous said...


I really am sorry to have spoiled the photo op. You rode well (and trounced me) and deserved to have a full podium. My homestay racer was starting to bonk, not having eaten since 7:30, so I got her off to Squamish for some nutrition.

BTW, there was taken from my car during the race a pair of sunglasses, some tools and my homestay's wallet. Did you hear of anyone else losing anything?

I'll beat you next year by staying in shape leading up to the race!