Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cerevellum Cyclometer Ant+ with Video

Here is a cool idea.... Ant+ cyclometer with integrated video recorder that acts as a rear view mirror.... It comes with a small video unit that attaches to the seat post.

You can save 30 second video clips.

Hopefully with enough clarity for law enforcment to hand out tickets to those idiots who think buzzing a cyclist with accompaning screams and honking is such a lot of fun.

I don't particularily like the idea of a Big Brother society but the bad and dangerous behaviour of some parts of our society can only be changed if they can no longer get away with it. Laws are being changed to prohibit bad behaviour (South Carolina, vis minimum distance and throwing things at cyclists). Now we may a way to document offences which previously would more typically been a "he says she says" scenario.

Even without law enforement we can look forward to Best of Bad Drivers YouTube websites that can help educate people (and politicians) on how cyclists are endangered every day while riding.