Sunday, August 23, 2009

BCMCA Langley RR

Also known as the 0 Ave and 232 St course...

I was under strict orders to NOT get out front and work hard today.. saving the legs for Tuesday and Track Nationals...

So a pretty easy day overall. We (the Fifties group) caught the Sixties on the last lap on 0 Ave... and almost immediately after that we where all caught by the Forties... Then had the fun of doing the last half lap with the bigger pack. They pushed the pace on the final little hill before the dog leg before the uphill sprint finish... I had a bad position around the turn and never did get close to Bill Yearwood (who is far far far better than I am at cornering...) on the final sprint.

Most likely we could have stayed off the forties if I had pushed the pace up a bit by working the front. We averaged > 40kmh on laps 2 and 3. But then for the next four laps we dropped back down to about 38-39kmh. There wasn't quite enough interest to get organized and really push up the pace.

Next week we are over in Nanaimo for the Cedar course.. I'll won't be constrained like today.

N.B. The PMC graphic at the top left of the blog is not being updated currently. I just upgraded to Vista and the new version of Office Excel doesn't like the spreadsheet that generates the graph... Haven't had time to figure out why.


Anonymous said...

Really? I was working my butt off and thought we were going to stay away after catching the 60s. The catch by the 40s surprised me at the back of the rotation and then it just got too crazy for me with bumping shoulders, wheels rubbing and riders forced off the pavement. I lost my nerve, sat up and rolled in to fight another day. Too bad really, as I think I could have been a contender in the sprint for the overall. Next time.

Now, on to cyclocross.

Bill Riley