Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Westwood - new PB and a blowout

Out late to beat the heat again... actually quite cool.

Managed a new PB up Westwood (the direct route) 14:33, about 25 seconds faster. Nice little effort, Pavg 317. Wasn't actually pushing things until the last 4-5 minutes...

Unfortunately a blow out when I got back to the bottom so didn't get to do the second climb.

The new set of Bontrager Aeolus wheels seem to have the same problem as the old... I can ride them all day in a race, or anything flat... Do a long descent with a FULL STOP at the bottom and about 30 seconds later, BANG! The temperature of the rim is not that high... But it seems that it is high enough that if you don't keep the wheel rotating the casing can separate, the tube pushes out and we get a blow out. Probably not an issue for racing, not too many stop signs you have to stop for... but a bit disconcerting and annoying.

Things seem to look ok for both events this weekend. Good time until blowout on Saturday, equal too, possibly slightly better than last years pre-ride for the BC TT (and may have got the bad luck over in the pre-ride this year....) And hitting PB's on the HC would seem to be a good way to go into Sundays Mt. Seymour HC....