Sunday, July 20, 2008

BCMCA Comox RR and HC

BCMCA Comox RR on Saturday. Beautiful day, managed a fourth overall, just getting pipped at the line by Derek Tripp. The 50-59 group went a lot faster this year, averaging 40.4 until getting caught by the 40-49 group just after the climb and at the highway on the fourth (last) lap. Last year we we averaging about 38.5 and got caught on the climb just before the highway on the third lap.

Overall I was feeling stronger on the hill than last year. And had no trouble moving through the field to follow the lead riders into the sprint finish. Don Gilmore rocketed by us at about 250m to take first with a big gap (former track champ, legs like tree trunks, BIG watts at high cadence...) I followed the lead rider in for second, but sat up just past what I thought was the finish, only to get pipped by Derek who knew it was actually just past the intersection...

Derek had a very good ride. Along with Mike Sevcov he dragged Duane Martindale and myself up the small climb at a furious pace. (With disgusted glances back at us when we refused to come up and take a turn on the climb.) Duane and I where just barely keeping up and then needed a minute or two after the top to get our breath back before we could start going to the front again.

Today was the Mt. Washington (Vancouver Island version) HC... Just over 1000m over 16km. Lots of sections > 10%, plus some short downhill sections. I was tired from yesterday and found it very hard to get any watts on the steep sections. Anytime cadence dropped below abou 50-60 watts went down to about 280-290. Anytime cadence (i.e. lower grade) rose back above 70-75 watts followed and 320-330 was easy... My time was 1:07:42, almost 8 minutes slower than last year (last year was not done after a RR though, so was rested.)