Wednesday, July 16, 2008

McNeal Road - 6x6m TT practice

The dreaded 6m practice TT's tonight (start hard for one minute > 400watts, then average down to 330 watts overall). These are without a doubt the hardest workouts I do...

Shorter higher intensity (>600watts for 30 seconds); or VO2Max (350) for one minute, rest one minute and repeat; 2-3 minutes > 600 average down to 300, 6-20 minutes starting easy and doing L4 etc, All are easier...

Yesterday I was out for an easy spin up SFU with Michel Pelletier.

On Monday out to Iona for Escape Velocity TT clinic put on by John Tolkamp.

Sunday was also McNeal Road, on the TT bike. 2x20min at L3. Finished with 10x1m at 350 with 1 minute rest between.