Sunday, July 27, 2008

Neaves Road - 42km TT practice

Yesterday I was out at Neaves Road, did three times out and back for 42km in just over one hour. I thought Pavg was down a bit at 290 watts. Avg speed of 41.6kph.

Weather was warm with high humidity and with a bit of a cross (diagonal) wind.

Because this is a short 7km course, there where a lot of turnarounds (5) and the average speed would be a bit higher without them. The 1:01:29 for 42.7 km would have been done in probably about 2 minutes less (30 seconds lost per turnaround, have to do them slow as there is traffic on the road and no marshals). Getting an overall speed close to perhaps 43kph.

I'm not sure why power was low. I did lower the bars a another 5mm a week or two back. I may be getting low enough that power production is being compromised. I'll raise it back up for my Squamish pre-ride next weekend.

Today was a 4 hour L2 endurance ride out to Silverdale and back via Stave Lake and Dewdney Trunk Road.... Nothing hard or fast.