Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ford Road - 6x5m TT practice

Yesterday was Ford Road, 6x5m TT practice. Start with two minutes at L3 (280+) then gradually move up to L5 (350+) at the finish. All at as high a cadence as tolerable... Did manage over 100RPM for at least two intervals.

Today was Anmore Tour. I managed to get a bad cramp in my right quad attempting to tighten my crank (torque wrench slipped) just before starting out.... First hour was ok. But combination of third hard day, sore shoulders AND sore quad made the second hour a bit of a dog...

Bit of fun this weekend. I'm doing some volunteer time with a fun gig, driver of a support car for the Womens RR at the Tour de Delta... as they say, the best place to watch the race. Looking forward to it.