Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Westwood - 4x1m high cadence, 6x2m L6, 1x6m L5

More high cadence drills, L5 and L4 intervals...

The good news is that the cadence drills do seem to be working... Best 5 seconds was over 170, best 20 over 160, best 30 over 150 and best minute was over 130... This is easily 30RPM higher than anything I could have done a year ago.

The bad news is that L5 is still anemic... the goal was L6 (430 watts) for 2 minutes... but I found it effectively impossible to get there... about about 1:20 or shortly after my heart rate would hit about 177 and simply couldn't continue...

Also did 1x6m L4 practice TT.. This was far easier to finish as it fits into the good portion of my power profile.