Saturday, September 8, 2007

Alternative Perspectives

Very good article on training with power by Dr. Philip Skiba and Terry Kerrigan.

Alternative Perspectives

To summarize his rules:

1. Know what system you are training.
2. Build your foundation.
3. Go short and fast before you go long and fast.
4. Don’t do anything in the race you didn’t first do in training!

The emphasis is on getting your body to first go fast, then to go fast and long. This is exactly what I'm attempting to do with my Anmore Tour workout. I have built up my FTP doing it, built up my speed (really VO2Max) doing a lot of short TT's (Ryder and VeloVets), and now I'm preparing for next season by extending that core workout by about 30%.

To quote directly from this article:

In other words, the athlete does not simply ride long and slow. Rather, the athlete rides in a directed way with extended periods of time at a high LSD / low-end tempo pace. An increase of just 5-10% results in very significant gains in terms of Ironman race power over the long term.