Sunday, April 19, 2009

BCMCA Phoenix RR

Great race. First time on this course.

Twelve laps, about 6.5km, 60m climbing per lap... Mostly rolling.

We managed about 38kmh for the first six laps... The 50's group was down to about ten riders (from 18?) by lap two. But only two or three of us where consistantly out front, the rest helping but not consistantly enough to pull the pace up. We would have needed to do 40+ to stay away from the 40's.

We ended up getting caught by the 40's group with three laps to go. Their pace was higher, but overall less work as I wasn't out front trying to set the pace.

It was easy enough to get to the front of the group for the final lap and lead out for the sprint. This was not well suited to my strengths, a small dip over 200m, then a rail crossing, and 200m uphill (4-5%) to the finish. I ended up getting passed over on the uphill out of the dip...

Overall a hard ride. About the same TSS as Atomic course.


Anonymous said...

Good report. Was I one of the 2 or 3 consistently out front or one of the slackers pulling from time to time? In which category were you? I definitely know where I fit in after the 40s caught us!