Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ford Road - high cadence drills, 3x2TT 1x6TT

Out to Ford Road on the TT bike... Combine some high cadence drills, 2 minute L4 TT's and a 6 minute L3 TT with practice going through the corners ... Its a "fun" TT course.. some of the corners can be done on the bars at a reasonable speed. Others have weird camber and can be a bit freaky about halfway through..

Last night was the Spint Clinic at the track. Mostly classroom time. Jeremy Storey giving us a nice overview of sprinting tactics. Many (all) of which are useful for both two up class sprinting and mass start racing...

Both last night and tonight I ended up short workouts... Tongith just ran out of sunlight and I had forget to put some LED blinkies on the bike before heading out... So had to get back onto Westwood (local traffic) before it got dark.

I got a blowout on the final drop down Turner Creek Drive, about a km from home. This is the second blowout on the rear Bontrager Aeolus Clincher this year. Both times on a short descent, having to slow for a 4-way stop. Not a long enough descent to have heated the rim up (and 5C cold weather...) I'm not a happy camper...