Monday, April 13, 2009

Race the Ridge Thornhill RR pre-ride

Rode out and did a pre-ride of the revised 2009 edition of Race the Ridges Thornhill RR course...

Less climbing than last year... But you still can't say this course is about anything other than climbing... Just less than last year.

The four climbs:
  1. 102 Climb - 2.85km, 114m, 3.9%
  2. 100 Climb - 1.02km, 13m, 1.2%
  3. 98 Climb - 1.5km, 24m, 1.4%
  4. Finish Sprint - 400m, 28m, 7%
For a total of about 178m of climbing per lap... Its 10km per lap, so I suspect 6 laps (maybe 7?) for us Cat 4/5's... The EV Atomic was about 900m total climbing... 6 laps here would be just under 1200m... Ouch...

Doing (attempting) this gets the us the privilege to do the new Ford Road TT (with the 9 turns out and back etc etc...) and Harris Roubaix the Crit.