Saturday, April 11, 2009

Escape Velocity Spring Series - Old Yale Crit and River Road TT

This morning was the Old Yale Road Crit... Slight rain, coolish... not much fun. A handful of riders got off the front almost from lap one and stayed away.. I just managed to stay on the main peloton till the finish. Too cold and wet to try and push up and do anything

This afternoon was the River Road TT... No sunshine, but at least the rain had stopped and the road was more or less dry. A very small amount of wind from the North East... So against the wind for the first Eastbound leg, then a tailwind for the Southbound leg, headwind going North after the turn-around. And then a nice little tail wind for the final Westbound leg.

Managed 15:38. Which is almost 44 seconds faster than last year, but still only good enough for 2nd... First place was 15:34...

Looking at some of the other A/B riders times, this seems to be on par... Most people where getting between 30 and 50 second better times this year.

I think pacing was reasonably good. The peak 5, 10 and 20 second power zones where all START at the start line... All of the other peak zones, from 30 second up, all FINISH at the finish line.

I probably could have got through the turn a bit faster. I came up on the way out because I was on the inside... Coming back I was going to try and stay down, but there where two cars just getting stopped by the marshalls so I came up just to make sure I could maneuver if needed.

I also need to practice doing turn-arounds...

Complete TT results here.


Seb said...

Just saw the results on the EV site. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Do you have an estimate for your CDA? It seems like you have a very aero position based on your power/speed at this TT..

Stuart Lynne said...

CdA estimate, probably about .25... not great.